new scope for the 4595

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  1. RedBird94

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    Just picked up a 3-9x40 red/green illuminated scope for the 4595. will mount it tomorrow. then to the range soon for sighting in. It'll be nice to see what I'm shooting at.
  2. Mine should arrive next Monday. Still exploring a way of keeping irons. Riser? See-through rings? That 3-9x is gonna be sweet even if I have to dump the irons.

  3. Dane

    Dane Supporting Member

    A 45 deg offset irons is a good option.
  4. tbyrd69

    tbyrd69 Member

    What about flip up irons with scope?
  5. I test mounted a K4. Eye relief set nicely. Now with a scope, I can really see how the laser under the barrel drifts when the front stock flexes. May have to remove the folding grip until I replace the rails. Scope is nice, though. Can't wait for the 3-9x. Tried flip ups. Rail too short, unable to lower front post far enough and it locks the flip up in the up position. Again, maybe time for a full length rail.
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  6. Hipointer

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    I just use a 1x red dot on my 995. I co-witnessed it with the front sight post. Seeing as though I would never engage anything beyond about 80 yards with it, I passed on the scope option.

    What kind of scope are you mounting on your carbine OP? :confused: