New season of shootin'

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    Hey all...

    The weather here has finally turned for the good and its time to dust off the guns from the closet and give em a go...

    And to start it off right, had to beg the wife for some of course she just got her tax refund... and got her some decent pair of earrings... so I asked...


    and recieved... and bought a NIB 995 carbine. YAY!... plus around 300 rounds of ammo...

    Local (only one in town) gun store has jacked up the prices since the weather has warmed up, but i was able to get the carbine and ammo for about 250.

    Going to the range tomorrow with the kids to try it out... my youngest kid cant wait.. she got a nice little Cricket brand 22 last year and had fun...

    Here is a few pics of her and her 22, one of my son with his mom's 380 and a couple of the new carbine:







    Fun times!
  2. Ari

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    Oh ya. Nice here today too

  3. Way cool: great way to spend time with your kids!

    Enjoy the new rifle and sharing quality time with your family.
  4. Sweet. You'll love her, great carbine :)
  5. Pfft, we had nice weather...until today. It's 39 deg right now and there was some spotty sleet earlier, gotta love St. Louis. Tomorrow's high is 44 and low of 30 :evil: It was in the 70's a couple days ago =/
  6. We'd had some nice weather. But the last week has been cold, rainy, snowy, and icy. Today it is sunny again finally and supposed to get up to 41! I'm going to the range to check out how soupy it is but leaving the guns home. :(
  7. there is nothing like a family gathering.... my daughter will be 11 next year, and i'm going to buy her a nice .22 rifle...

    enjoy your time with the kids because this is something they will always remember...