New Shooting Range Coming To Greenville SC

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    This was posted on Carolina Shooters Forum and thought I'd bring it over here

    This is Frank Allen. I am opening the range by Cherrydale on Poinsett Hwy. The name will be Allen Arms Indoor Range.
    It is under construction. We intend to be open by the end of February. We will have rifle and pistol bays, full auto (soon to rent, as well as regular firearms), full line of instruction, including the upstate's only Master Instruction counselor, sales, repair, storage, etc. I hope to see you all there- prices will be reasonable, discounts will be given for LE, military, 1st responders, families, and ladies. We will specialize it tactical and concealment weapons and accessories.
    We will be at the upcoming gun show on the 15th will full information. Please stop and see us. We will be with the Grassroots SC table and Aerotech Firearms Training.Questions can be answered in detail there.
    Our phone number is 864-250-2007. My cell is 864-421-7882. Our website is It is also under construction, but we will get the information on there ASAP, with photos to follow.
    Sorry we couldn't be open sooner, but it won't be long.
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    As long as his prices are fair this will be nice. It is still a bit of a drive for me but then again there are not to many options around here that I know of.