New show on TV. The Alaskan Experiment!

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  1. AndrewST

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    Anyone watch the new show "The Alaskan Experiment" on Discovery channel?

    They have taken 4 groups of people and dropped them off around Icy Bay, Alaska with minimal supplies and small cabin/tent shelters. They have to survive for 3 months and hunt for their own protein...wild game and such.

    They do provide off camera Wilderness experts if needed, but so far it is a neat show.
  2. I like it a lot better than Survivorman or Man vs wild . The Alaskan Experiment is a true survival show.

  3. Jettster

    Jettster Member

    Watched it all day today, I was riveted.
  4. Have not seen it yet, but sounds like my kind of show!
  5. 69burbon

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    yeah, its is pretty good. I think they just wrapped up the season though. Don't know how I missed it. I just caught it last weekend.
  6. its pretty good, but from some of what I have seen it looks like the people are kinda high strung. I mean I know its a stressful situation but they're blowing up over nothing. Maybe its just me though, i'm generally pretty laid back.
  7. syst3merror

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    yeah I just caught it for the first time the other day...really interesting. Glad to see the one guy was able to bag himself that goat!
  8. Watching them zero that .22 was sooo funny!!!!!!
  9. AndrewST

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    Did you see the part where the dude with dreds tied to kill the Buffalo with the damned .22?

    It was a good 75 yards out and he shot it, and was like " didn't die!"

    The Buffalo just looked at them and walked off.

    I kinda lost it at that point and started busting up laughing...

    But the guy who shot the goat, that was a hell of a shot. Couldn't barley see the damn thing and you know he had to be cold!
  10. Yeah I saw the preview for the buffalo one. "a buffalo give me the .22" lol some peoples kids lol... I know the right shot could drop it but yeah not the prefered method I dont think lol
  11. I never saw that one, but the others are good shows.