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    Bought a new Yugo SKS last week and broke it down and cleaned out the cosmoline yesterday. Fired a few shots out the back door just for fun. Will get around to sighting it in the next few days. Won't be hard to shoot up a lot of rounds pretty quick.

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    They are tough on the ammo :lol: , I find them a blast to shoot.

  3. Nice.

    How much did you get it for if you don't mind me asking?

    I'm kinda of casually thinking about getting a nice new SKS just to have a new one before they disappear forever.
  4. I find the Yugo's run best with brass cased ammo because they dont have chrome lined chambers. Steel cased ammo sometimes causes problems is the non chrome lined chambers because the case will grip the chamber walls and stick. This is especially try in Yugo's with rough chambers.

    Good luck and hope you enjoy your new toy.

  5. allow me:


    [ all in jest of course ]
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    I paid $248 at a local gun shop here in southern NM. It looks as though it has never been fired, just kept in cosmoline since it was manufactured.
    If I knew how to use my wifes digital camera (I am partial to 35mm still) and knew how to post pics I would.

  7. You have said that before and I have never found that to be true.

    I have 2 yugos (a SKS and a AK47) and they both run like a raped ape with any ammo.

    All I have ever put though mine are steel cased Wolf and Golden Tiger.

    I bump fire my Yugo underfolder and never have any problems.
  8. bob,

    Some Yugo chambers are as clean as any chrome lined chamber you will see, but others are rough or lightly corroded. The latter are the ones that have the most issues with steel cased ammo.

    I have worked on a number of "problem" Yugo's in the last year and each one was having issues with the steel cased Wolf and Barnaul but not with brass cased ammo. Turned out each problem gun had rough chambers, either shoddy milling marks or lightly corroded/pitted chambers. Some Yugo's run perfectlly fine with steel cased ammo, and when you look at those chambers they are in very good to execellent shape

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    My Norinco eats wolf like its going out of style.
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    I have owned Norinco and Yugo SKSs. Both were fine weapons.My preference, in hindsight, was the Yugo. Don't forget to clean your rifle, especially the bolt and firing pin after each shooting session.