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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by maxymczak, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. maxymczak

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    i am thinking about picking up a new SKS at a local pawn shop...and was wondering which is best..... they have a yugo a few chinese and one norinco.... i am not worried about the furniture as i will put a tapco stock on it...any info would be appreciated....and yes i will post b4 and after pics as soon as i get it....
  2. elguapo

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    If you get a norinco and put a Tapco on it, I will buy that old norinco stock and handguard from you.

  3. From what I've heard, the better quality guns are the Yugos... So if they have one there that's cheap, grab it up.
  4. Ari

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    If you can get a Chicom SKS with a none pinned in barrel are very well made. They are a better gun them the yugos IMHO
  5. maxymczak

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    yugo grenade launcher removal

    the only consideration i am having now the grenade launcher / sight removable on a yugo ????
  6. uncle jerky

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    You might consider leaving the rifle in it's "original" state/condition... look into 922 compliance.
  7. maxymczak

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    all tapco parts fall under the B.S. compliance issues.... actually after some research i will just remove the grenade sight.. replace the srock with a tapco non folding pistol grip which covers 3 compliance parts.. and replace the launcher with a tapco muzzle brake...( again a compliant part...) more mods all covered...yugo gas tube, handguard / rail, and shell deflector....all parts are made in the u.s and will make my sks "made in america"....oooops forgot the american made mags....
  8. norinco> yugo if it is a non pinned barrel.

    cleaner look, lighter weight, chrome lined barrel.

    Yeah to legally do the stock you need tapco 20 rounder mags, the stock, handguard, op rod, and gas piston.