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    so I'm a little embarrassed after reading some other posts, but i paid $150 for a very clean rifle (inside and out) that is missing the bayonet, which I can pick up on the cheap. I'd been wanting something in 7.62x39, but shops in Arkansas have gone nuts pricing AK variants, so I ended up with a Chinese SKS, which was also hard to find at that price.
    What brand of mag does anyone recommend aside from the 10 rd thats on it? Are 20 rd more reliable than 30 rd? is it difficult to adapt them to accept higher cap mags?
    I know nothing about these rifles other than I intend to keep the wood stock.
  2. I prefer the stock mag and stripper clips-- but if you need higher capacity, go for Tapco 20 rounders---

    Just be careful and stay within 922r....

  3. 100% the stock 10 round mag. Stripper clips are very easy to use and fast once you get the hang of it. Like tju said the 20 rounders are ok. Anything more than that jams pretty easily. Weight also becomes an issue as the SKS is heavy enough.

    When you say "Chinese" how are you sure it is Chinese? It is a Norinko? Off of the top of my head, I believe there are 5 countries that made the SKS. Russia, China, Albania, Yugoslavia, and Romania. A few other countries gained their license from Russia, but didn't produce them.

    I just sold my Norinko in mint condition for $450. Are you sure it is Chinese?
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    am I sure it's Chinese?

    the receiver is stamped with something that looks like Chinese, I am no linguistics expert, so I am making an assumption that it is.

    All serial numbers there any place to check and know for sure? Thanks for the advice on the mags, btw. I am familiar with the strippers. I had almost made up my mind not to change too much on it anyway, besides a bayo, anyway.
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    I'm getting a little jealous with all you guys getting sweet deals on an SKS :evil: maybe I'm not looking hard enough.
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    I can remember when SkS's were dirt cheap. I remember one gun show I went to there was a vender selling them for $39, the catch was you had to reach in the crate (thick with cosmoline) and get the rifle. they were 20 per crate. If I knew then what i know now I would have bought a whole crate. of coarse this was way back when a sweet new norinco cost only $99.
  7. Here is a site that may help you learn more about your rifle, including what factory it was made in, and possibly the year. Good luck!
  8. Heck $150 for a nice SKS is not a bad deal! Like you said the peripherals can be added cheaply if you desire them.

    A co worker used to live in Texas and said many years ago the SKS rifle was dirt cheap. Talked to some guy there that claimed to have sold over 8000 of them per year and none were over $90.00. But $39 each? Wow! I'll take ten! :lol:
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    I'd buy a whole crate as well! $150 is still a pretty damn good deal.
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    Ya today it's hard to believe, $39. But don't forget this was in the early 90's, and the $39 sks's were pretty heavily coated with cosmoline, but still.
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    thanks, Waltham.great info.
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    I was at my local gun shop today. I saw 5 "Brand New Looking" SKS's covered with cosmo. One even had a really nice tiger oak stock. They were listed at $289.00 Conversely, they had a bunch of Mosin Nagants for under $100 and a Saiga 20ga for $439.00. Since I know nothing about any of these guns, other than "Wow, that looks awesome". Anyone have any suggestions? I also found out that they charge $50 for the FFL transfer.