new slide retainer &firing pin assem. on c9

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    i just bought 2 hi point c9's about a month ago, a friend of mine told me today that hi point changed the slide retainer & the firing pin assembly. did the old one's have problems, or did they just change them for no reason. do i need the new one's or will the one's i have be ok.
  2. You should contact Hi-Point. Based upon serial numbers, they would be able to tell if you have old or new. If you have problems you could send them in and they will fix everything.

  3. Did you buy your C9's new or used?
    If you bought them new then they are most likely up to date on all their parts.

    Does your friend have a C9 that he sent in for service?
    If that is the case then they probably just changed out the parts in his gun.

    Try to be just a little more specific & we could give you a better answer.