New Star Firestar Plus 9mm - Fer' the wife!

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  1. So the wife finally decided on a gun to carry, we were thinking about a C-9, but decided to go with this Star 9mm after seeing it for sale at the gun shop for $200......not that much more than the C-9, and she really liked the feel and weight of this little gun. Holds 13+1 9mm, looks like someone already fluffed and buffed the feed ramp, so it should feed JHP just fine, got some wear on it, but nothing bad, and certaintly nothing that prevents it from functioning.

  2. Oneofsix

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    Good to see someone else carrying a Star!
    I've got the M40

  3. Sniper 995

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    Star's are great guns, possibly one of the best out there. All of my star's came new with the full fluff-n-buff, and have fed everything I have thrown into/out of em.
  4. Oneofsix

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    Yes they are. I've had mine since before '98, so I don't know about the f-n-b, but it eats all that I have fed it. Got a few strange looks when I took my ccw class, but it's all good, I know it'll go bang when/if I ever need it to.
  5. compmanio365, with the look of total concentration on your gal's face, I thing a BG should think twice!!!! Nice gun dude.
  6. Ari

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    I am a fan of the Stars I have two of them a PD and a B....
  7. Huggy

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    Nice find! I love my M43, it's the same as the one oneofsix posted, but 9mm.
  8. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I gotta get my wivey a gun...she wants a charter arms hamerless snubbie...

    Nice gun, fits your wife well IMO.
  9. griff30

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    I did have a M45 in stainless, sold it for college, man I wish I still had it.
    Very compact and had an extended 10 round mag.
  10. OK, so we got out to shoot the wife's new gun, and the first shot out of the gun was a straight on bullseye.....this out of someone who usually can't seem to hit the target (she jerks when she pulls the trigger....need to get her into a handgun class, I'm not patient enough with her :))! She just loves this gun, and I was digging it too. I was having a way tighter grouping with this than my Kel Tec (single action doesn't hurt) and even than I get with my JHP 45......

    I think I will tell the lady at the gun shop around here to keep an eye out for another, cause I will scoop it up if I find another one! This thing fed the cheapest crap I could find to throw through it and begged for more! Now I know why they have such a loyal following.....truly a great gun.
  11. Hey, congrats for you! Somehow I don't think she's gonna have any troubles at all. :twisted: :twisted: :lol: :lol:
  12. do they have a website I cannot find one are they out of business :shock:
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    Eibar of Spain made them, Interarms imported them. I couldn't find any info on whether or not they are being made anymore, I'm thinking not. I've been wrong before!
  14. I love my Star Megastar, thick i've just about got the feed problem worked out
  15. compmanio365

    Nice gun and it looks like your wife is ready to defend herself. Excellent!