New stock-- IT IS REAL--(with pics)

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by tju1973, Mar 23, 2008.



  2. Great find! I will admit that it looks a lot better with the rifle in it.

  3. O...M....F....G....that thing looks sweet :D
  4. We already have a thread on this, but it does look good.
  5. I think that this is the first pic shown with the rifle in it and the sights on it. Looks much better.
  6. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    Nope, the other thread has the exact pic.
  7. unscarred

    unscarred Member

    That's Jim Carrol holding that fine piece!!
    And that's not just the new stock. That's the long awaited 4595!
  8. Dang that looks great!
  9. Sort of looks like it's got Bushman's charging handle... does it?
  10. Naked_Snake

    Naked_Snake Guest

    Looks sweet, I'll certainly be buying one.
  11. Maybe I have just lost it but I could swear there was a thread with rendered pics of the new stock people got from HP. Can anyone point me to it or have I just gone nuts?
  12. You know, it sure as heck does. Darn, I know I should have pattented that thing :cry: .

    I wondering if he is covering up a copy of my skelletonized trigger too. :shock:
  13. BD

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    Is it just me, or does that like an extended clip?
  14. What he is really showing us is the 4595 on the new stock. :D
  15. From my understanding, the 4595 was to be compatible with the jhp magazines, so no it really isnt.
  16. 713832281

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    looks alot better with that stock, looks like i will get my first hi point when this baby comes out.
  17. it got posted here too, in the thread about mounting rails or something. I'm gonna pick one up when they come out.
  18. The only thing sweeter would be a fold-under..... :shock: I e-mailed them back after they sent me that pic....they swear it is on the 4095.
  19. Dreamthief

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    man I hope this is made to fit the 995 also. I'll be really disapointed if they decide to pnly put it on the 4595