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  1. how do I take it apart to clean and dose anybody sell upgrade triggers?
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    Check for the Joey keychain thread.

    And no. Don't take it apart to clean. Treat it like an old .22, run a Boresnake through once in a while, spray some lube into it and wipe down, but don't take it apart until it quits running.


    When you DO need to tear it down, check for a YouTube video, there are a couple.

    My method...make sure it's all empty and cleared.
    Unscrew and take out the 2 bolts holding the cover over the action, unscrew the stuff holding the stock halves together, take the little clips off near the trigger guard, and separate the halves. That's about as far as I bother going.
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    Gun scrubber is your friend with a carbine.
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    Little excessive don't ya think? I just go as far as separating the action from the stock. Then unclip the dollshead to access the firing pin channel.
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    You're supposed to clean these things...
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    You are? 5750 rounds (yes that's five thousand seven hundred and fifty) and mines been apart for "cleaning" ONCE just because i figured i should at least try. Boresnake it, spray some CLP in it and leave it alone.
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    That's how far I go with mine. Regardless of the instruction manual's round count guidance, I can't put away a gun that has fouling in it.
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    Since my wife took over my 995, I told her that Hi Point recommends a tear down cleaning after 1500 to 2000 rounds. Well a couple of weeks ago, after something over 2000 rounds she found an excellent Youtube video on how to do it and she sat down with her laptop and followed the video and cleaned that nasty, dirty carbine up! We had been shooting Tulammo thru it (as much as she shoots it, I gotta buy the cheap stuff or go broke) and it was pretty grungy, but there were no internal issues, just what looked like normal wear. Anyway, it got all lubed up and spiffy and as far as the trigger goes, it doesn't matter because it isn't a competition gun. She can keep 10 rounds in an 8" ShootNC at 50 yards and that's what really matters.

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    Clean it, I just talked to the cleaning lady, and she said no way in Hell is she going to clean it. So I guess if I ever sell it that guy will have to do it.
    Dam cheap help you get now days, I bet she doesn't even have a green card.
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    I called Hi-Point, and asked about field stripping for cleaning, as there was no paperwork about it. I was told, "Don't do it. Our carbines are known as the American Kalishnikov. It has a lifetime warranty, sop if it starts acting up, send it to us, and we will clean it." Gotta love a company with a philosophy like that.
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    Wait I clean mine all the time. :-( why didn't you guys tell me this earlier :-(
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    Evil told us not to,,
    that you needed something to do,,
    to keep you out of her hair:) :D
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    I figured as much :-(
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    Yes, the Queen needs a Break every now and then! :D
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    That's plain lazy. No you don't need to field strip it after each use, but you better run a barrel brush or bore snake thru it every couple hundred rounds and field stripping it on occasion will help you find problems before damages occur. Its not difficult to do, my sons been doing it since he was 15.
    If you are going to send it back to the factory for a cleaning you're in thecwrong hobby.
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    Never use battery acid to clean your HiPoint!