New to Hi-Point and a Carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by JeffF64, Jun 9, 2015.

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    I purchase a 995TS about a month ago. Made a couple modifications already, getting a longshot, long rail and put a set of cheap flip up iron sights on it (it’s what I had, need to purchase something a little better for backup sights) with a red dot and flip to side 3x magnifier. First time out to shoot it was Saturday and all went very well, ran a magazine of ammo through it then started to adjust iron sights 9 rounds later I was hitting center mass about a 3 inch grouping at 25 yards, so on to the red dot, that took about 9-12 rounds also, then just ran about 150 rounds through it. Had a great day and really enjoy shooting this little carbine was able to hit what I aimed at well for shooting off hand, probably try to take a bi-pod or a couple sandbags and tighten up my zero the next time I get a chance to go shooting, as I just used a table to prop my elbow on and held the carbine so I think I can tighten It up some more. I didn’t notice any cheek slap, or maybe I was just having too much fun and did not notice this, as I have read a few threads were people complained about that. Enjoy getting on this forum and just reading some of the threads and the advice from you all.
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    The medical term for your love of Hi Points is called ADDICTION?

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    You will like the gun the more you shoot it. :D
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    It sounds like you had a good first session with your new carbine! Welcome aboard, and we hope that you continue to enjoy it.
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    Welcome to the jungle. Plenty of info here. Love my carbines, ( 9mm & 45 ).
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    Enjoy it their fun to shoot.