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  1. Besides my real job I have a sideline as a custom knife maker. Part of my business practice is that the blades I make will have my name on them forever, every knife carries my reputation as a craftsman on its edge. And as such I offer all of my customers a lifetime guarantee. If one of my knives ever has a problem I will either replace it or repair it for free. Forever.

    Few people in this day and age seem to have such confidence in their work.

    You can imagine my surprise when I traded some blades for a fairly new HP 380 only to discover more craftsmen and women who also offer such a guarantee.

    I have yet to take my HP out to the range but simply based on their business practices I am a fan of their work and already looking at some of their other products.

    How is it I had never heard of this company from other gun owners?
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    NE Utah
    Welcome to the group!

    You don't hear about HP in normal gun places because they are too inexpensive to brag about, not tacti-cool enough to excite the mall ninjas, and not pretty enough for those who love good styling.

    They just work, and no one wants to talk about that.;)

    Got any Internet presence for your knives? Or some pics? We like blades around here too.:)

  3. Not sure about the forum rules for postings "adds" but here is a link to the FB page I use for my bladesmithing. I Normally do work for the medieval re-enactment community but I do also do some modern work.

    Moderators, if this is in violation please feel free to delete this post.
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    Welcome from the home state of Hi Point!

    Jed, some of us on the forum are always looking to modify our guns. We have a guy on here that makes triggers, another guy makes rear sights, and another makes muzzle brakes. We are looking for a craftman that can make wooden stocks to fit our Hi Point carbines. Maybe something in the M1 carbine profile? If you know of some one with that talent, be sure to send them our way! We'll be waiting here for them?
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    Brother, you introduced yourself, are a hp owner, and didn't throw out a website till asked about it.... Welcome!!! And thank you for being a new guy!
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    Nice looking knives. Odds are, someone here will be asking you to design a custom bayonet for their Hi-Point carbine.;)
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    Welcome Jed!
    We so have a knife sub forum somewhere around here ;)
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    There is a lot to be said for pride in your work and craftsmanship.

    I'm taking on the challenge of becoming a handgun magazine designer/manufacturer/distributor in the near future (hopefully). Made in USA or I won't sell it.
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    I'd deff buy one similar to this.


    Bet quite a few would.
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    The "TRUE" Monkey gun?
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    Welcome Jed! Along with hp making a super reliable product, hp owners have great pride in their guns and we love that they are 100 percent american made and warranted for life. I've never seen a group with such loyalty to a brand. I'm not a member of any other forums. I don't tweet or facebook, but I am an active member of this forum. Hp's are addicting and so is hpff. Welcome again.
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    Welcome aboard. Get yourself a HP carbine. You'll love it. :)
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    Welcome! You're going to be a hit around here. You sound like a nice guy. We yank each other's chains or have immense respect for each other, often both. You'll enjoy your trips to the range with your HP, and we love range reports, especially with pics!