New-to-me CCW, Kel-Tec P32

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  1. I picked up a used Kel-Tec P32, .32 ACP, as an alternate CCW for myself. I don't know why... I guess it was just a good deal, $120, and I had the money.

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    $120 is a real good price. had one but traded up to the P3AT, now thinking about the PF-9 if they can get all the bugs worked out of it.

    Shooting these guns are not pleasant, they beat up your hand and I can't hit much with it. It's better than nothing and the belt clip makes it very convenient.

  3. You got a great deal!

    I've got a P3AT and it's been trouble free. But, the .32 has a better reputation for dependability, holds one more round, and the slides locks open when empty.

    If you have any problems, call Kel-Tec and they'll fix it.
  4. Dad's had one for years. Not my choice but he can carry it anywhere and it goes bang every time.
  5. I don't have a keltec 32 . but do have a keltec p3at, which is virtually the same gun, but with the 380 auto chambering. Noting the differance in caliber, I can say that you made a very good deal price wise. These little guns function well , in my experience.
    I have an Armalaser sight on mine and every so often someone at the range will comment about the laser on a pocket pistol and laugh, but then I shoot a 3" group at 25 yds and they change thier tune real quick. The laser helps pinpoint your target. simply put, its fun to shoot. The stock sights are integral, and almost non-existant, but in bright sunlight I have found them to be fairly accurate.

    Good luck with your new toy, Shoot often and enjoy.

    Semper Fi, Troops. Smoke 'em if ya' got 'em.
  6. Good grab man... Sweet gun too !! Have fun with her :)
  7. For $120 you did GOOD!

    The P32's have a good reputation for being dependable, mainly because they have been out so long KelTec got all the bugs worked out long ago. Only time I have seen a P32 have issues is with certain brands/types of ammo, mainly JHP's. So get a few brands/types and see which one your gun prefers then stick with it.

    The .32 does not have a lot of thump, but a mag full of well place shots will get the job done at 1,3, 5 and 7 yards.
  8. My dad's only likes FMJ's but he's only sent it back once so I don't think KT ever addressed the issue. That said not sure how much good a .32 HP would be. They certainly didn't fare well in The Box O' Truth's tests.
  9. Mine seems to shoot both JHP and FMJ just fine. I only shot 14 rounds of HP through it just to test it, and it went fine. The rest were all FMJ, so... I can't really speak much on it except that... so far, so good.
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    I have been wanting one of them kel-tecs for a while I very rarely hear bad about them and almost always from the people that say you have to carry no less than a .45
  11. Thayldt21, I've been getting some good advice from G-Man and others that the .32ACP may not be the best caliber for self defense. So much so that I am considering on trading-up for the .380 version, the P-3AT. I got this one for a deal (the person I bought it from probably wanted the .380 version), so I don't feel so bad; and, when I do trade it, it won't cost me as much. Just saying where I'm headed with this.
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    My 1st generation P32 eats HP and FMJ with no issues. I carry a HP in the chamber and the rest FMJ for better penetration and to avoid rimlock. I put the +1 extension on and now it is 8+1 and a nice pinky rest too.
    Jack Fusiler nickle plated my slide. It is a good gun. The Kel Tecs like a good amont of lube. :wink: