New to Me CF380 Comp.

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  1. Went to pawn shop yesterday anhd got a cf380 w/ comp for $75. :D Looks like may a box of ammo was shot thru it. Will get some WWB ammo this weekend so that next time I go to range will test fire. Very first thing that I noticed was that it is very nose heavy even compared to my .40. Will see when I go. 8)

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    hello welcome. and uhm... that is all....
  3. Sweet deal on the CF380. Since you picked it up used and it appears to have been shot a lot you may want to contact Beemiller and send it in for an overhaul and update. For the cost of shipping one way it would be worth getting all the innards updated to current specs.
  4. Sounds like you got a great deal on that pistol Scout, good for you.

    I moved your topic for you too BTW... :wink:
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    I love my CF380. No problems from day 1! Hope yours treated you the same!
  6. I love the CF380. It's a great little shooter.
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    Congrats on the new addition!