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    So i went out for lunch today and i decided to stop in the gun shop for the main purpose of killing time. So i was wondering the store and what do i see hidden in the back corner under a bunch of old alice packs a Mosin Nagant M44. I was looking it over and the stock is pretty much junk since someone sporterized it, but looking at the action and rifling it was like new. so im thinking guess i'll find out what he wants for it since there was no price tag. Im walking to the front of the store with it and the owner said "where the hell did you find that thing". so i told him and asked how much he wanted for it. He told me he was looking for that gun for about a 6 months, and since i found it for him he would give me a finders fee, otd for 55 bucks. well here some ok pics i did at work. another project on the plate :D

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    Sweet! Why can't I ever find a deal like that?

  3. Man, that's an awesome deal right there :) Let us know how she fires!
  4. You may need to check your serial number on that weapon as it doesn't look like an M44 to me. It looks more like a M38 as it doesn't have the bayonet lug/folding bayonet. The M44 has that while the M38 doesn't. As an imported weapon, the first 3 digits of the serial number should be either M44 or M38, that's how all 3 of my Mosins are.

    Anywho, great looking rifle, an a HELL of a deal, and I am suddenly jealous as all hell. Go firgure. 8) :wink:
  5. looks like a m-38 that has had it's stock broke/cut down. Either way, if it go's BOOM then it's worth it. Heck, perfect gun to bubbaize!
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    Its definitely a m44 the sling is mounted to the bayonet lug thats why you dont see it. also the are no import marks on the weapon. looked it over when i got home and all # matching. shame the spoterized it.
  7. Well like I said, you can bubba it. They might not have sportorized it by choice. Rifle may have been damaged and had to have had something done with it, so chop, sand, and finished to make it back into a shooter. Might still be a good shooter, be sure to let us know.
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    Fantastic buy!!

    You'll find yourself getting attached to that thing more than you'd expect from a gun. Hell, I ended up mounting a gunrack over my desk and have my M44 over my screen with a bandoleir (spelling anyone?) that holds the two original leather pouches and 20 rounds hanging underneath.

    It really brings a room together ya know...

    Let us know what you're going to do with that new adoption. I say this is the perfect chance to go all out. I myself would polish the heck out of everything, mill a nice new stock out of some snazzy wood and even perhaps plate the stock bands and hardware in a nice finish (Like Brass).
  9. You can find good used military stocks cheap to put back on a rifle like that and find the bayonet and have a nice restored rifle
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    Ya BIG plus one! But be careful putting them back together can get in your blood! :mrgreen: :!:
  11. Boy that is the truth!!!!!!!! :lol: