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Well, after a long wait, this baby finally showed up today! Short story is that it took over 6 weeks to get here after I paid. Anyway, here it is when I got home after picking it up:

Remington 870 - Before

About 30 minutes and a few parts later:


Oh, here's my high tech, cutting edge forend wrench. Yup, that's a pair of pliers holding a piece of cut-off hacksaw blade. Worked perfectly!

And here it is with all the options:

So there you go, one Remington 870, with either a vent rib 28" or an ex-police 18.5" barrel. I've got the ATI 6 position adjustable stock and forend with forward grip, but still have the factory stock and a forend, and a shorter than factory forend. I'll be picking up a 2-shot extension tomorrow, and a flashlight and mount are on the way.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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