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  1. 0311

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    Been looking for one of these for about a year now. Friend of mine let me shoot hers, been on the hunt ever since. Picked this one up in a trade last night.

    Numbers match. Stock & bluing are in very good condition.

    Will take it to the range next week. Hope it shoots as good as it looks.

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  2. Think1st

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    That is something that I would like to have--a new-manufactured SKS. I have a 1956 Jinjang Armory 26 SKS, and I only bought it because those were all that were available. I was able to add an SKS to my collection with it, and it shoots well enough, but I would love to have one of those late-model commercial norinco SKSs just because it would have so much more life left in it, meaning more trips to the range over its lifetime.

    Mine still has a lot of good rifling, but a commercial one would have even more.

  3. MachoMelvin

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    NICE Socks!!!
  4. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Its got nice color. That's the only thing holding me back from buying one is all the ones that have come up locally have been ugly colors. I want a nice deep red one and i don't want to refinish it if i don't have to.
  5. 0311

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    I heard that the Chinese made about 14 million of these. Mine is a high 12 million serial #. The thing looks real good. I haven't torn it apart yet, looks clean & well lubed, so I'll shoot it first.

    The socks are new too !
  6. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    There were (all estimated numbers):

    17000 Albanian

    24 million chinese

    10000 east german

    2000 vietnamese

    10000 romanian

    750000 russian

    3 million yugoslavian.

    Based on what i found googling real quick.
  7. SWAGA

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    Out of the 17000 Albanians about 9000 were destroyed in disarmament programs in the 90-ies.
    Several productions years are very rare like only 450-ish remaining.
  8. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    The east german surprised me. I was unaware they had even produced one.
  9. bscar

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    What country of origin?
    I hot a Yugo one and it has a knife blade bayonet. That one looks like a Mosin conversion or something with the bayonet on it
  10. 0311

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    It's got Chinese symbols. Drawing a blank about the rest of your statement.
  11. sarahsmom

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  12. Think1st

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    The Chinese manufactured them with spoke bayonets, starting in the '70s. That is why it doesn't have the blade bayonet.
  13. Visper

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    Yes to this. You can do some research and find the factory etc. About the only Chinese factory you can get an actual year of manufacture for is 26 I believe.

    I did find some info on factory 106 (the one I have) also but that was more of a date range...

    Every now and then I poke around more on the web, but info is hard to come by.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I have a Romanian.

    Must have been secret police issue or something, as it's got a "tactical" black textured paint job on it.

    Or maybe Bubba was bored.:rolleyes:

    But I paid $169, so I'm not griping.:p

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  15. rebelyankee

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    Congratulations! Great gun the SKS. Very reliable, and a bit more accurate than the AK. Although they can be equipped with high capacity magazines, they are not magazine dependent with the stock 10 round, which can be fed very quickly with strippers from the top, or dropped into the magazine purdy quick from the bottom as well. I've got a beautiful like new Russian Tula 1956 with all matching numbers in a laminated stock in my collection. Love the brush cutting, jungle busting 7.62 X 39 mm round in the stand alone SKS platform. Good SHTF WROL option when resupply is non existent, or limited, you will not find yourself scavenging for magazines, only ammo.

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  16. missiledefender

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    Youre going to love the SKS. There's plenty of ways to trick it out, if youre inclined to do so. IMHO, theyre better than AKs. Just get a site tool so, you can site it in. They look like a "C Clamp", very much woth the whole 10.00 for one.

    I own 14 of the Chinese SKS's (bought them when they were 75.00....remember the good o' days?
    8 Yugos and
    1 Albanian.

    The Albanian is pretty neat, it has a AK-ish charging handle knob.

    SKS's are like HP's, they'll break the bank if you try to collect them.
  17. missiledefender

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    Ive been told by fellow Gun Bunnies, that like the CZ-52 Rifles that came in a few years ago that the stocks were coated to cover repairs to the stocks. Just a "golly gee" thing.
  18. missiledefender

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    OMG, I was so busy looking at the SKS, I missed the socks.

    At least they are clean and have no holes...and we cant see his undies either:eek:
  19. Socks are mandatory for rifle pics on this forum. Socks/feet or it didn't happen.