New to me used Ruger MkI

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  1. While at the range shooting my High Standard VICTOR and my Hi-Point C9 I picked up this used Ruger MkI:

    Came with 2 mags....$175 otd... 8)
  2. that's neat! looks like someone took real good care of her.

  3. I just looked at one about an hour ago at a gunshop here in Vegas for $175 plus tax and fees. Shorter barrel and fixed sights. It was not nearly as well cared for as that one and had only one magazine. I'd feel safe stating you got a good deal.
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    wow that is a good deal.
  5. Great deal for a superb plinker. I bought one this summer (mines a 1969 vintage) for $175.00 with one mag. Mine is nearly mint but the gunshop owner gave me a smoking deal because I was also buying my C9 at the same time. These little Rugers will easily sell for $225 and up in the condition this example and mine are in. If you go to Rugers website and enter your serial number you can find out the age of the gun. Writing to them with the same number will often times result in a little history of that specific gun.

    Have fun shooting that little fircracker, I know I love mine!
  6. Thanks for that info...I was just wondering how old she is....
  7. Glad to help. I'm curious about your mags. They have what look like thumb tabs on the sides. How do they release from the gun itself? Mine has a queer little tab at the back of the mag that has to be pulled out of the way while pulling out on the mag. It is a two handed operation that is clumsy at best. I wonder if the '70 models were improved (I know they were in later years) or if there is a mod that can be done. I've never really looked. Anyhow, have fun. :)
  8. [​IMG]

    My mag release pushes back and the mag comes out...
  9. Ok, I see. I need to look at mine again, I don't think my mag has the little "wings" or tabs on the edges. Something looks different as I recall anyhow. I much prefer the newer mags and releases.
  10. I just realized this is the pre stamped warnings on the barrel...nice and smooth...made back when people had common sense and you didn't have to put warnings on everything.... :shock: :roll: :wink:
  11. That's the first 22 pistol I ever shot!
  12. Very nice.

    That's a good deal that will be cheap fun for a long time.