New to red dot scopes, little help

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  1. I have recently purchased 1 Leapers red/green dot sight for my 4095TS and my 995TS. When I turn either one on and they were bought about a year apart. Just got one and the other in January 2014. They are the same model UTG Leapers sight. Was not investing a fortune in a glass for a carbine I paid $240 each for and these had high marks. When I look through with my right eye I was expecting an actual circular dot but it is not an actual dot at any of 5 settings for brightness, red or green, sort of oblong. What should it look like? Am I doing something wrong? This is what I bought. Can any of you guys help me please?

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    The reason for the irregular shape of the dot is do to the quality of the glass in the optic , the glass is not machined correctly . Also because of this it causes a condition know as parallax and this will cause inaccurate viewing thru the optic

    This is the main reason I purchase the higher end optics such as Eotech , Vortex , Trijjicon , Acog or Lucid as the glass in these optics are machined to a higher standard and are parallax free

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    He's right, but the reality is, it won't affect much at the ranges most use the carbine for.;)

    Have you zeroed them yet?
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    I was having the same problem. Tried a more expensive model and had the same problem. Bottom line, seems not to be the sights, but astigmatism.
  5. Later on I will try it without glasses. Could be because I was looking through my glasses that are trifocals unlined, not sure. Too many people use this scope and are satisfied. At this point I am not asahmed to say I know little to nothing about them. I most certainly am not going to put a glass on here for close quarter combat and home fedense that cost more than the carbine. Could be you are right USMC VET, but I can't put a EVOTECH on a Hi-Point. Maybe I should change it to a reflex sight. But then I would have two brand new Leapers to sell at a loss.
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    Are you looking through the right end? ;)

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    I've got both a Vortex Strikefire and a Lucid that I've mounted on my 995TS and the clarity of these 30mm tube red dots is so much better than the pos sightmark red dot I had prior . I've got no issues for installing optics on my 995ts that cost more than the firearm . I look at it this way , would rather have clear optics that allow/provide better aiming and tighter groupings
  8. I do, not made of money. With standard sights, I can hold a 2" group at 50 yards. 3" at rapid fire. But no I am not vesting that much money now. And yes Dane, I am looking through the right end.
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    You're not doing anything wrong. I went through the same thing trying to figure out which red dot to buy. Not to be a smartass, but a dot should look like, well, a dot. Generally speaking, the better sights have dots looking like a point, not an oblong. Optics quality is one thing USMC_VET mentioned that would affect how it looks.

    One way to discriminate what you can expect between various models is the MOA rating, smaller being better. The one you bought is a 4 MOA red dot, meaning the size of the dot covers 4 MOA of your target. That's a smidgen more than 4" at 100 yards, or 2" at 50 yards.

    I like that it has different brightness settings and both red and green dots. And I agree with you that the amount I pay for the firearm it is mounted on has a great impact on how much I am wiling to pay for accessories. If you're good with hitting within 2" at 50 yards then this might be a good purchase. The other things which might influence that are if it holds zero, doesn't fall apart from recoil and general banging around, and how much the shape of the dot bothers you.
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    My first post here,"You get what you pay for." Unlike HP Firearms, When it come to optics this is the Rule, when your talking semi auto or auto in a larger cal. Your talking about optics that must stand up to a real Pounding. Its not going to be that first 200 or even 500 rds thats going to tell you what have, Good or Bad. Its going to be after 2000 or 5000 rds thats going tell you this.. michaeld1953, you say above you payed 240.00 each, for that kind of money you could have had one really good one. SWFA has about the best bang for the buck going right now, for 300 or 400 you get something that will most likely last you a life time. You can get the SWFA, in Mildot or MRADs also for those interested in long range optics. Better glass better optic, Better dot.... How ever at this point I'm not up to speed on HP409/995, but I think thats about to change.
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  11. Lighthorse, Not sure I understand what you meant when you said that I paid $240 each and for that kind of money you could have bought one really good one? One what? One scope or one better gun? I have AR15s AR10s and bolt actions that I have glass on but not red dots. These were expensive guns bought for long range hits, meaning if I can see you, I can touch you, but not the same for the HP carbine but have had no experience with the red dots or the reflex open sights. In actuality I bought these guns for HD and CQB. 50 yards would be a stretch since probably the longest shot in an engagement might be 21 feet. It could be that I should take the red dot off and just stick with the open sights, or take the rear sight off and co-witness with the front sight. For plinking and moving range shooting. Just need to get familiar with using a red dot.
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    He meant for $480 (or less) you could have had one really good optic, MD!
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    Sonny-Boy got a really good optic for $1,150 plus tax for a $1,050 5.56 ;)

    Me? I have about a third of that in my whole setup :D
  14. Nope won't be putting that kind of dollars on a Hi-Point Carbine, I will figure out how to use them and get by some how. I may have to take off the rear iron sight and move the red dot back and try to co-witness or leave the factory rear sight and sell the two red dots and risers.
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    For what it's worth, a few months ago I purchased the same Leapers red/green dot and the dot on mine is round, not oblong.
  16. Oblong may not be the correct word, but it does not appear to be a "dot" except in one position and that is the #1 spot in green or red for illumination.
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    michaeld1953, Sorry about that, I reread your post I thought you bought two Red Dots. But yes undeRGRound got what I meant right.
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    If the shape is varying with the intensity, then maybe it is because of an imperfection in the glass; the glass is scattering some of the light. Probably nothing to be done about that.

    If you are interested, here is what I finally settled on to use with my carbine. It has everything I wanted except only red, no green, dot. But it has help up well in the year I have been using it.
  19. Oh I did buy 2 of the same scope about a year apart. Have had no time to fool with it until now, just plugged a battery in. I will have to do a bit of testing and asking people questions. Not going to give up on the scopes, too many good reports. My lack of knowledge may be the problem but buying something else is not going to happen, if I do until after tax time. I have bought too many firearms this year and acccessories. That is a nice looking scope that you suggested.