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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by officerdave, Dec 3, 2007.

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    Sirs, just shot my new 9mm 995 at the range yesterday. Weapon has ghost rings and ATI stock/but pad. Shot 150 rounds of Winchester 115-grain FMJ at up to 75 feet ( indoor range) Questions for the pros out there:

    1. What is up with the lip on those mags? Ouch Anyone using the new ProMag 15 rounders?
    2. First mag or two went down without a hitch. Each reload however produced jamming with a live round having to be cleared manually in order for the bolt to cycle. Two or three rounds and the bolt would slide back about half way. Ok on the range, not on the street ( I am doing evaluation for possible "patrol" rifle.)
    3. Anyone have experience with brighter front sight? These old eyes had a hard time picking up the front post. We are small department with lots of "experienced" officers.
    4. I do like it however.... shoots nice, quick to bring up Two lady coppers, shooting a booth over, from local big department, said it shoots better for them than their issued AR-15s!

    Any help is appreciated. I really think this would be a great patrol rifle in either 9 or 40


    Officer Dave
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    Welcome aboard, officerdave. You've come to the right place for help.

    First off, stay away from the 15 round Progmag magazines for the 995. They don't work unless you are willing to spend some serious time on them. Stick with the factory 10 rounders.

    Second issue. Did you slap the mags into your hand after reloading them? This seems to alleviate the jamming problem by seating the cartridges to the back side of the magazine. Another thing is, if these are new rifles with new mags, it can take from 250 - 500 rounds to break them in. Usually, after this point, both the mags and the rifles run better than a Swiss watch.

    As to the brighter front sight, you can try some of the sight paints on the market or try using a little of the old White Out laying around the office. I haven't seen any after market sights for the 995 other than holographic sights or red dot sights.

    Glad to hear the carbine appears to be working out for you other than the mentioned issues. I'm sure Glockman, a Philly officer will weigh in on this soon. Stay safe out there.

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    thanks for the info I always slap my mags at reload, even to tapping them on a hard shooters bench. I carry a Sig 226, highly modified by Gray Guns and every once and awhile it has a range ammo round or two issue at the range :?

    I have a ProMag on order but will let it collect dust

    thanks guys I will push for this to be in squads after the 1st of the year with our firearms instructor.

    Now I have to just keep shooting LOL

    Officer Dave
    Patrolling the Chicagoland wasteland
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    Not sure if they still do, but some years back, Beemiller was giving the 995 to police departments. Maybe you should call and check into it.
  5. welcome to the forum officerdave, I have both the 995 carbine, and the 4095.

    If my life were on the line, I would prefer the 4095, more power.

    You did not say if you were shooting ball or HP ammo, sometimes the weapons will hiccup on HP until the feedramp "breaks in". You might try ball ammo and try a few different brands and see if that makes a difference.

    Try more than one mag and see if maybe the mag is the problem.

    Taking it apart and polishing the feed ramp usually helps.

    Stay away from the aftermarket mags, there are none out right now that work well.

    None of my HP carbines have gave me any trouble, (except when trying to use aftermarket mags)

    If you have any doubts, call Hi Point and they WILL work with you to get the weapon dependable.

    I could see it as a good weapon for small depts that cannot afford to equip everyone with ar15s.

    again, welcome and good luck!
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    will do Shooting FMJs I rotated four new factory mags I will call Hi Point for help thanks

    a note: we are looking at hi points because they shoot handgun rounds and in my politically correct town an easier sell than 223/308 etc....

    officer dave
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    1)Stay far, far away. Some people have had success with adjusting the mag lips, but these are just crappy mags.

    2)Give them some more time to break in. Mine would give me problems the first time or two out, but eventually worked fine.

    3)Why not just use sight paint? If that isnt durable enough, maybe some duracoat or something.

    4) They are decent shooting weapons, but the hi-point carbines dont rank anywhere near an AR in build quality or engineering. I like them and all, but there is no way I would take a hi-point carbine over an AR for defense or patrol. If those chicks think a 995 shoots better, then they dont know how to shoot an AR worth a crap. Just my opinion though.
  8. jason, I do not know how big officer daves department is, but I know of many small Police depts here in Okla that most likely cannot afford to equip their officers with the costlier AR's, and if they can get Hi Point carbines and get them dependable, that would give them more firepower than a pistol, and a longer reach than a shotgun.

    Personally, my carbines have always went bang (except with the aftermarket mags) and I would not hesitate to grab one if I heard something at night that I feel needed investigated.
  9. Personally, speaking as a semi-recent former Marine...the AR family leads a lot to be desired in dependability. They only reason they're so popular here is because of their accuracy and we made them. Personally I reached for something else LONG before I'd reach for an AR.

    Dave, just out of curiousity, where are you? If it's okay for you to say that. The local forces around here have shotguns and AR's. The AR's are most often used to dispatch deer that survive the, "Oh, twin glowing orbs" incidents after dark.
  10. officerdave,

    Some HiPoint's need a breakin period and some dont. Sounds like yours may been a little more shooting before things settle in. One thing you can do to speed this process up is to polish the feed ramp on the carbine and also give the mags a good fluff and buff.

    I took ALL my HiPoint mags apart, C9 and 995, and cleaned up the sharp edges on the follower's and inside the mag body as well. Now my mags load and feed without any stickiness at all, and this is how I like ALL my mags regardless of make/model gun they fit in.

    Take a look in the General HiPoint Forum and look for the UpLula Loader post. This simple little loading accessory will take the bite out of loading your HiPoint mags, it also works on other single and double stack mags as well and you will spend more time shooting than standing around struggling to stuff rounds into a magazine.

    oh yeah.. welcome to the HPFF!

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    thanks for the updates and info guys! She is a nice shooter, just needs a little TLC. I agree with one comment on the Hi Point vs AR-15 clones,if he can find us AR-15s for under $200.00 a copy. PM me with contact info. This for our agency is a money and perception issue. Our elected officials are Never going to let us carry 223/308 etc. The Hi Point carbines might have a chance as they are at least in handgun calibers and Might be an easier "sell" Either way I will continue to shoot mine Any detailed info on getting to the feed ramp for polishing? I have never taken a weapon apart myself, but am willing to learn.

    thanks again guys for the comments

    this site is great

  12. good day ODave and welcome to the fold. Many of us have gone to the dark side too with an ATI conversion kit and a bunch of goodies hanging off. This'll drive your PC friends nuts! I love what mine looks like, but there are MANY conversions by folks here that are real droolers. LOTS of talent around here.


    OH, and since you're an LEO, we sort of luv you already as many of us aren't but appreciate those that are. BUT - we still have expectations that you need to follow sir.


    [ all in jest of course!! Welcome! ]
  13. Somewhere, I saw that someone had made a magazine loader by taking a piece of PVC pipe of thumb diameter, and then gluing a PVC rectangle to it. If only I could remember where...

    I think someone posted the beginnings of my disassembly post from the other forum.