New to the forum, and just bought a Hi-Point C9

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    Heard this was the place to be for Hi-Point fans. :twisted:

    I picked up a C9 today. So far, about 40 rounds through it. 1 jam every mag except for 2 full mags that didn't jam. Always after or on the 5th shot in the 8 round clip. Broke it down (I learned a lot about breaking guns down when my father bought me a Jimenez (Jennings) JA Nine...after much polishing and reworking bad craftsmanship I finally got it to shoot a whole 10 round clip without jamming..but I hated the thing and no one would take it as trade in because they knew they were junk.) polished the ammo feed ramp and noticed some metal flaking in with the firing pin, so I took all of that out, cleaned it out, oiled it, and put it back together. Haven't had a chance to shoot it since I did those things, hoping they fixed the jamming. If not, I'm hoping the 2 10round mags I just ordered will.

    This C9 was bought brand new. Any info on the jamming outside of what I've already done (I used 2000grit sandpaper for the polishing) would be appreciated. I'm also curious if anyone else has experienced the metal flaking in with the firing pin/spring area. If it's there when I break it down again, I'll probably send it in to Hi-Point unless this is normal.

    Outside of the jams, this is a great shooting gun for the price and the quality is much, much, much better than a Jennings of the same price range. Course, I think my old nike shoe could shoot a bullet better than a Jennings.

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  2. First off welcome!!!

    As far as the malfunctions you are having, you might need to adjust the feed lips on the Magazine.... They can be alittle tight or loose and make the pistol stovepipe the round, or it will hang on the feed ramp????

    Search here on the board for magazine adjustment there is tons of info on it here. If you are still having problems make sure you explain what kind of malfunction your having and someone will chime in to help you on here. These are the coolest shooters on the net I can vouch for that. (now dont make me a liar guys lol)

    You are on the right path by taking the burs and chunks out of the slide. Polishing the feed ramp is great as long as you dont take off to much material. Sounds like you did a good job just using some 2000 grit by hand.

    Agian welcome to the forum!!!!!

  3. I had the same problem with my c9 when I bought it new. I adjusted the magazine lips and polished the feed ramps and have had nary a problem with it since. It is my CC weapon of choice. My other pistol is a hipoint also, the JHP 45. Also had to polish the feed ramp, but it also works great.

    I would trust either of the weapons with my life (well in fact, I do).

    But if you continue to have problems send it back to hipoint. They'll make it right!

    And welcome to the forum.

    +1 on what Stryker said. These are the coolest (and most knowledgeable) shooters on the net.
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    Thanks for the welcome, and the reply.

    Glad to be here, as I've read around and noticed how nice everyone is here. The Jimenez was my first personal handgun, but I've been around guns my whole life. I'm a computer tech, and have always been able to rip anything apart, so the JA Nine was a learning experience. And from what I've heard, getting one to shoot a whole clip without a jam isn't an easy task. Originally, it jammed 2-3 times per FMJ clip and 4-5 times per JHP clip, 10 round clips.

    Needless to say, I learned a lot about how precise things must be within a gun for one to function properly. Fairly easy for me to adapt to as computers tend to be the same way.

    About my C9: I haven't had a stovepipe, just had it hang on the feed ramp, and If I remember correctly one or two didn't eject correctly causing the jam. Which is why I polished it. I won't be able to find out if it helped or not until tomorrow.

    I did do some adjusting of the feed lips on the clip but saw no difference either way. I attempted to collapse the last spring onto the second to last spring but apparently didn't do it right, as I wasn't able to fit 8 rounds in after, only 7. Even though the spring felt like it had less tension on it. Perhaps I did it wrong, I had never pulled a mag. apart for that reason before then.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    I had many of the same problems with mine. BUT I did not mess with anything. HiPoints have a DEFINITE Break In Period (BIP) and you should work through that before you start messing with things.
    My C9 worked great in the first 100 rounds then for the next 150 rounds it would jam every 3rd or 4th shot which was a pain. After getting past the 250th ish round the gun smoothed out and now, having well over a thousand rounds through it, it has not had any problems once past the break in period.
    The break in period differs from gun to gun. Many people figure 300 rounds is good. I personally do 500 with ought any problems before I figure the BIP is through.

    Good luck with the new gun and remember. If you just can not get it worked out. HiPoint unconditionally guaranties their products. Send it in to them and they will make it right.
  6. Hey there, welcome to the forum and good start on the Q&A to get your new baby purring. Only one problem...........


    All in jest of course! We LOVE gun pics! :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Im with Freedom, shoot a couple hundred rounds through the pistol before deceding that it is fauty. Some of them do need a break in period.

    As far as the shavings, keep an eye on that area and whatever is rubbing should reach its break in where it stops shaving metal. If it does and everything looks fine, great If it keeps shaving you may want to consider giving Hi Point a call.

    My 45 and ,40 Hi Point pistols both took a couple of hundred rounds before they started getting better.

    Keep us posted on how things are going for you, and welcome to the forum!
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    Shot 3 mags today with great results. Not a single jam. 2 were Remington 115gr JHP's, 1 Winchester FMJ. Seemed to be louder than it was before, I'm wondering if the "gunk" in with the firing pin spring was causing it to strike too light. Regardless, much better performance today. I'll wait until tomorrow to run about 50 through it and see how it does. Pics to come in a few.
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    Some pics of the C9 in the Hi-Point case and in my Uncle Mikes Sidekick.

  10. Wahoo!!!! Pics - way to go. :lol: :lol:
  11. Great pics!!! I like to see people put pics in there first set of posts!!!

    This is by far the best Forum for firearm on the net!!!! I was just on the FN forum thumbing around and wow let me tell you the snobs are in full affect over there.

    HPForum and Maximum-suzuki are my favorite forums due to the fact that they will help you and if it is a dumb question no one is a jerk about it!!
  12. The only dumb question is the one that dosen't get asked!
    Some questions are alot easer to answer than others.
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    I've got to agree with Tooguns on this one. You'll only know the answer to any question if you ask. If you don't, you're ignorant of the answer forever. I cannot stand egotistical people when it comes to any subject, and read this forum over before I even registered because of that.

    Great group of people here, hopefully as I become more proficient in Hi Point firearms I'll be able to help more around here as well.

    As I blew through the 3 clips tonight, I saw clearly that just a bit of work made this C9 into a gun I could trust fully for SD.
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    The C9 was my first Semi-Auto handgun (I had a full auto rifle when I was younger back home and a Revolver as an adult before picking up my C9). It had a definite break-in period, but all of my problems stemed from not the pistol, but the magazine. While the pistol is a great piece of work for the price, the magazines

    The trick I used was from right here (actually, on the previous encarnation of the board) was fourfold:

    -The magazine lips aren't always in the proper position. It might take a few trips to the range, but all it takes is bending the upper lips to where they grip the round, but still hold it in place and even to the feed ramp.

    -When you have the Magazines at rest, keep them fully loaded. The spring inside the mags is EXTREMELY resilient and needs a good break-in. I kept the mags fully loaded for a few weeks, and now all of them feed perfect!

    -Be mindful of what ammo you use in the C9. I've found that the cheaper stuff that doesn't have the velocity of other rounds doesn't seem to have the power to fully cycle the weapon. The C9 IS a blowback pistol (similiar in construction to the Thompson), and requires a certian steady hand and clean firing round.

    -A VERY firm wrist. These pistols are VERY sensitive to "limp wristing" and will jam if you don't have a steady grip on these guns.

    Follow these four steps as well as adhering to the break in period, and you'll find this pistol more reliable than guns 4 times as much. I trust mine with my life and even carried (and will carry when I return next month) it when I drove a taxicab.

    Welcome to the fold!
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    Thanks for the info!

    I noticed that the round wasn't perfectly aligned with the end of the mag last night, and tweaked the lips until I was able to pull out each bullet and the next pop into place dead on straight, so that could've been part of what helped today. I'll be sure to check the 10 round mags I ordered when they get here for that.

    I always keep this mag fully loaded as it's the only one I have. Though I'll be sure to do that with the others as well after the lip adjustment.

    - Kevin
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    150 rounds through it today. Only jam was with white box winchester fmj's. Bad ammo overall imo anyway. Not a single hitch with remington 115gr jhp's. Could've shot them all day without a problem I'm sure. Next stop, some +P+ ammo. :twisted:
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    WWB is "Ok", but I do agree that the Remmington has an excellent feel and cycles the pistol well. You'll find that the WWB works well as a plinking ammo in the 995 since that gun eats just about anything you throw into it (and the reason I say this is because when it comes to Hi-Points, you WILL end up getting a 995 after carrying the C9, mark my words)

    Good to hear it's working out for you!!
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    Well, they used to show a C9 pic for a JCP, so I know that causes some discussions about that. Email them for an update on the site.
  20. Kevin84,

    You learn quickly the ways of the Force young padewon, but you are not a Jedi Yet!



    Great pics, welcome to the Force... *ahem* Forum! :D