New to the forum. long time owner of C9.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Daveg01, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Have had my C9 for many years. Kind of put it away after I got tired of it miss feeding and jamming ect. Well ran into a ton of videos on youtube about the C9. So I hauled it out and started tearing into it. Originally I had polished the feed ramp and tweaked the mag ears a bit. Well now it is missing the transfer bar for firing with out the mag in it. Cut off the last shot hold bar was in the way of feeding rounds. Did more polishing on the feed ramp and tweaked the heck out of the mag ears until the dang thing won't jam or miss feed any more.
    Guess I'll have to get into reloading 9mm now since I will be shooting the crap out of it from now on. Always did love the little gun. Figured that when it jammed I could always beat the poor slob to death with it. Going to check out your forum now catch you guys later... Daveg
    One question, my firing pin spring has a couple short pieces of plastic tubing around it. Guess this is to stop the firing pin from moving to far to the rear in the slide ????? Is this common??? Thanks for any info and replies...
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    Never heard of plastic tubing on the firing pin. There are some that have a plastic sleeve on the firing pin springs I think. Neither of mine have a plastic sleeve on the springs.

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    Yup. Haven't heard that one before.

    Should be one piece. Sure it's not broken? It's to keep the spring aligned. It's the old style. New is 2 springs (one inside the other). Can call MoM and ask for updated parts (get a firing pin and recoil spring too). She'll send them for free.
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    Welcome! We'd love to see range reports. If all else fails send it back to Mom and get a free mag for your trouble of getting it rebuilt correctly.
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    Welcome daveg! now you need a carbine!!
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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    Not ALL HP owners need more than one Hi Point!

    Just the ADDICTED ones do?
  7. I only have one.
    Want to help a junkie out ;-)
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    Thanks for all the replies..

    Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate all the info on the gun. Who is MoM? Take it to be the factory. Would like to get the up dated parts for free. Going to order a couple extra mags off EBAY a couple bucks cheaper than factory ones. Or are they out dated stock by chance? Hope to hit the range next week end. Been years since this gun was there. But do remember it was danged accurate and fun to shoot. Thanks again, got to crash. Later Daveg
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    For $15.00 & FREE shipping from MoM, I wouldn't take the chance.
    With 90% of ALL HP problems, starting with the magazines, why bother?
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    Sounds like good advice, appreciate it, I'll do just that.. Thanks Daveg
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    WELCOME, Dave G!

    (from a former HP Junkie:D)

    {who still has MOST of his HPs}
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    EVERY Junkie is like a setting sun!
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    Meaning it comes back? ;)

    I got me some really nice toys, with the proceeds.

    SCCY CPX2 for one!
    SKULLS Kydex holster for it, need to post Pix of that! It's a LOL!!!