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  1. Hi all first post for me I live in Ga. just bought a new 995ts camo when I bought it it had a broken front sight and the rear sight was bent on left side almost hitting the center ring i got a hold of hp and they sent me a new front sight and i just took a pair of pliers and bent the rear sight. I took it to the range yesterday and it shoots to the right about an inch of the bulls eye at 50 yards is there any way to adjust it or should i get the rear sight replaced? I like the gun no miss feeds shot about 150 rounds no problems it, is there a good red dot or other kind of optics that would work on it? any help would be welcome
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  2. Dane

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    First off , Welcome to the forum from south of you in Florida. Second lots of red dots will work. What more specifically are you looking for in a red dot? Co-witness, etc?

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    Welcome to the forum! Contact MOM (hipoint) and they should also send you a replacement rear sight.
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    Welcome to the forum!!
    You've come to the right place :D
    Lot of knowledge here on everything.....
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    Yes, it has windage and elevation screws on the rear sight. You can also adjust the fsp side to side for gross windage adjustments. Wouldn't hurt to call hp for a spare, as previously mentioned, in case you can't get the one you fixed to zero properly.

    And welcome to the Asylum.
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    Welcome to the forum.. Put a dot or scope on it in my experience the stock sites suck
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    I think a lot of members liked the TRS-25 dot. Cabelas link
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    Or one of these variable with green laser.....

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    I got one of these:

    Good reviews. I have it mounted to my 300AAC. So far so good (knock on wood).

    I like the fact that I can go 1x like a red dot for close quarters but put it up to 4x for when I need a little more magnification.

    The one you like is a decent scope also, as reviewed by Mole!!

    The one thing you will realize is, HP carbines have virtually zero recoil, so any decent scope you put on it will never get ruined.

    Oh and by the way :welcome: aboard the crazy train!!
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    Welcome, Chris! Please keep us up to date on your scope decision.