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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by Fencer21, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the Hi Point firearms community. Purchased my 995TS (new for 260.00) in late June, I have already made changes to it in terms of accessories, etc. I like it, it's good working carbine, I've already taken it small game hunting and trips to the range and stuff, I was surprised at how accurate the factory sights are.

    After viewing numerous YouTube videos regarding Hi Point firearms, I find it remarkable how much disdain there is/was in the gun community towards these guns. Why? because they're not expensive? is it because they're a little weird looking?

    I do have a question, I took apart the stock to change the magazine release button to an oversize, didn't realize being left handed I would end up hating the change because the oversize button is in my trigger fingers way.

    Anyway, when I removed the the rear screws in the stock, the springs for rear butt-plate shock absorber flew apart, and flew across the room (it was pretty amazing). Is there a trick in getting these springs back in the slots, every time I try to squeeze them in they fly out again, been frustrating so I've left them out. The last time I was at the range trying to sight-in a red dot, the recoil from the tension of the springs was a little distracting. Now I'm wondering if I should even bother.

    Any advise or suggestion would great, thanks...
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    took mine out right away. hated the springy butt plate.

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    Welcome Fencer from a JHP owner
    That’s $200 accuracy right there.