New to the Hi-Point Family!

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    Hey everyone I picked up my 45 two weeks ago at a gun show for $160. It is the first pistol I have bought. Didn't know anything about Hi-Point until I bought the JHC and looked up everything I could find on it with 95% of the comments positive, so I was chomping at the bit to fire it.

    Just yesterday I got to fire it (Sorry no pix, forgot my camera). It fired flawlessly. I had no FTF or FTE firing 100 rounds of WWB. It took me about 3 mags to get it sited, but after that I couldn't miss.

    I won't forget my camera next time and I'll post my results.

    Take care and Hi Point rocks!

    Colt 22 Huntsman
    Hi-Point JHC 45
    Binelli Nova 12-Ga
    Kel-Tec PF-9 (Just picked up Thursday)
  2. I hope you're happy with yourself! Now you've done it; you're going to need to stock up on ammo, then you'll need to get other handguns so your .45 isn't lonely. It's an addiction that takes over your life and robs your wallet of every extra penny. Then unimportant things like rent and groceries get in the way of feeding your habit. It's a vicious habit.

    Let me know when you're ready to go gun shopping, I'll be happy to come along!

    BTW, welcome to the forum--this groups supports you IN your addiction, we've no desire to stop.

  3. nice, and good job. i'll be picking up my c9 this week and hopefully fire at least 100 round this weekend. it's going to be my first pistol too, can't wait.
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  5. Great first outing! and welcome to the fold.
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    Sounds like the first time out was a success, good!

  7. Welcome and enjoy. HP won't let you down.
  8. Ari

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    Welcome... Make sure a get lots of range time
  9. Welcome. I have the .45 myself. I love it.
  10. Welcome and it won't be long before you get the next one if you are like most of us here.
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    welcome to the klan man.... ive owned my .45 for awhile and its been flawless even in icy 8 degree nebraska weather. its also one of the most accurate handguns ive shot... so enjoy and shoot the hell out of it im sure you wont regret it i havent