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    Hello all,

    I have been a gun enthusiast since I was a little one. I just purchased my first Hi-Point C9 three days ago. I had been shopping around for a weapon for my house and at the local range you can shoot just about anything. During my search I shot H&K 9mm, Glock, Kimber, S&W, and Springfield (which was the only one that had a jam in less than 25 rds :shock: ). Anyway I started researching Hi-Point and found some pretty good info online, and I figured the people who hate them are really just Gun Snobs. So I said WTF and went a spent $159 on a C9. In the last two days I have put 350 rds of CCI Blazer 115gr through it with NO PROBLEM AT ALL. Time after time, mag after mag as fast as I can pull the trigger is as fast as its gonna shoot. Accurate as sh!t too, my best so far is 2" grouping from 18 ft @ 10 rds. I am very pleased with my purchase now I want to go and pick up the 380, 40, and 45. They may not be the pretiest guns :roll: but I don't care, as long as it works. Anyway I just wanted to intro myself and say hey to everyone!! :D
  2. welcome to the fold! You've had the same experience many of us have had - good for you!!!

  3. Welcome on board. If you now get a Mosin you will be flesh and blood and not just adopted.
  4. WELCOME Gonzo480! Here You will find ALOT of info. on the HP (and some other makes). Everyone here pretty much knows what they are talking about. Then again, We all have different opinions. Just read on and take as much information as your brain can handle! Don't forget to check out the "sticky's", there is Always info. in there :wink: as well.
    Oh, and one more thing......if you mention anything about Your shot's on targets, you better have a photo otherwise someone will be out for ya..hint,hint :wink: :wink: . You'll see..... :lol:
    ....and congrat's on your new toy!
  5. Welcome, this is a good place to come. No one bites. You'll have tons of fun with the HP. Very reliable and sturdy.
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    I guess I'll just have to do it again! :lol:
  7. Welcome to the family!

    I think they look just fine. They don't look like they are for a girly-man nor do they look like an engineer's nightmare. They look like a well-built, American made weapon! Dangerous but easy to use.

    Oh, and we need pictures!
  8. welcome to the forum, I got my first one 2 years ago, and now have 5 of them. I got the 40 first then had to have the others. still need a 4095 and a compensated 9 but dont worry I am working on that. and if and when the 4595 comes out I got to have one of them too :lol: