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    Hello all:

    New to the HP board. I have already "felt the love." :D I own and carry several different brands. The reasons I wanted to join this board was to get some feedback on the HP models.

    I am in the market for a new caliber size, that being the 9mm. I think I may want to shoot this for it is the cheapest center fire caliber there is and is always available. I am wheel man and have been dedicated to the 357s / 38 special genre.

    So I am thinking about getting into this caliber on the low end $$$$ wise of what might be out there. I was thinking of the 250 dollar and less range.

    So any feedback given on the HP 9mm will be taken into consideration and appreciated.

    Thanks, :)
  2. monsterdawg

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    Welcome to the group!
    The only complaint I have about the C9 is the 10 round capacity. Mine only failed 3 times in 1000 rounds with the same batch of Winchester White Box ammo. All other ammo was flawless. Didn't ever adjust anything on mine. I am more accurate with it than I am my G17. It is comfortable (for me) and yes I would use it in a situation where my life depended on it.

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  3. tallbump

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    For range fun, the C9 will do you great. Personally, I haven't had any issues with mine, with any type of ammo. It is a bit heavy for a carry gun, but very doable.

    You'll probably want to do something to the grip...most folks just use a rubber slip on grip for around $10, but there are other options.

    You may have to do a little adjusting to the mag, but as I said, I had no problems. Some do, some don't. It also might be picky with shooting some of the cheap ammo, but most aren't.
    WalMart carries a new aluminum case round for $10 a box that seems to work great for everyone. I haven't tried it yet.
  4. MachoMelvin

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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    Stick around, you will learn how to buy 2-9mm for $250!
    All 9mm's.

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  5. Hipointer

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    Hello and welcome to the forum! I have the JHP (.45 ACP), and two C9's. I have never had any issues at all with the JHP, and it now has just over 1,000 rounds through it. I have two C9's that I have had minimal, and I mean minimal, issues with as far as FTF. No FTE.

    I have never tried any of the "adjustments" that some talk about with the C9's...really don't see any reason too. They run pretty good in "as is" condition.
  6. Hipointer

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    Good Lord that's a lot of Hi Points! Lol.
  7. MachoMelvin

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    Sorry, that's an old picture of my HP 9's, I a have few more now!
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    Welcome to TA. Sorry in the delay in welcoming you here.
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    The inmates run this place, don't let the mods kid you... :D

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    Welcome to the nut hut
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    Sez the "Big Nut" :D
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    if you think you will save money purchasing a c9 it is not true. you will find yourself purchasing copious amounts of ammo to feed it, then someone will suggest that you get the carbine to go with the pistol and all hope of economical shooting will be lost. (they make 380,40, and 45 also, so run while you still can) its not to late to save yourself (and leave more ammo for the rest of us)
  13. Liberty

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    Welcome aboard! We love range reports and pictures, by the way.

    You can get THREE C9 pistols for $250 if you shop around. You can get a 995TS carbine for $250. If you really shop around you might pick up a 995 or 995TS and a C9 BOTH for $250.

    Hi-Points are FUN to shoot and thus very expensive, as it's easy to chew through boxes and boxes of ammo. Some people think they're boring, as you can dial in a 995 and keep shooting the bullets through the same hole.

    Also, we MERCILESSLY tease each other, act like we're about 6 until it comes to matters of safety, reloading, and just about everything else we're a bunch of (mostly) guys, and the women here pretty much have similar attitudes, so it's a LOT of fun. Expect to laugh a LOT, be called out (pictures or it didn't happen), and just have a lot of fun in general.