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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by hipoint.nut, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. hipoint.nut

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    Ruger finally entered the striker fired pistols markit with the SR9. I love Ruger products and I have been hoping they would introduce a gun like this for the last year. I am going to wait a year before buying though so they get all the bugs worked out. Anyway here is some info on it:

    Caliber: 9mm Parabellum (9mm x 19)
    Capacity: 17+1, 10+1
    Barrel: 4.125’’ Stainless Steel Weight: 26.5 oz. (w/empty
    Overall Length: 7.55’’
    Overall Height: 5.52’’
    Overall Width: 1.27’’ (over safety thumb levers)
    Trigger Pull Weight: 6.5 lbs.
    Trigger Pull Length: .48’’
    Slide Finish: Brushed Stainless
    Slide Material: Through-Hardened Stainless Steel
    Frame Material: High Performance Glass-Filled Nylon
    Comes with black polyethylene, blow-molded case; instruction manual; external locking device; and two magazines.

    Ruger Web Page:

    I need one!!!!!
  2. billybybose

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    Even my beagle alf has a glock holster. :lol:

  3. Oh my, I am a huge Ruger nut as well and I need to add this to my collection ASAP! She's a real sweetie that will fit anyones collection nicely.
  4. hipoint.nut

    hipoint.nut Well-Known Member

    I am a big Ruger nut too, but I would wait until they get the bugs worked out. Remember what happen with the P345 when first released.
  5. rimfirehunter

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    Gotta agree with hipoint.nut on the new Ruger. Wait and see how the first one's do for about a year or so, then after all the bug fixes are implemented make the investment. That's what I did with my Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro and extremely happy that i waited.

  6. Maverick

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    Its about time! I love Rugers too. They know how to make a great American Made firearm. Will be keeping an eye on this one...

    Thanks for the info.
  7. It looks like a really nice gun. Now I need to go check one out and see how it does.
  8. Ari

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    Looks like a sigma... I like the way it looks
  9. Loopster

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    sounds interesting, certainly worth lkeeping any eye on. I like the idea of waiting till the bugs get worked out. I use that theory for buying technology.
  10. For some things I'm not against waiting, mostly because when something is that new I can't afford it yet anyhow, lol. But in the case of this Ruger I'd not wait. Matter of fact if I had permission and money to buy one I think I could outrun someone in their car driving to get one! Maybe I'm naive but I trust Ruger would take care of something that was a design flaw on a brand new gun. If not, well. I'd still have one of these new honeys. :twisted: