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    while im not a big revolver guy myself i do have a sweet spot for those hammerless smith & wessons... ill be waiting for the range report

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    sweet pistol.

    should be fun to play with. :)
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    I have the Taurus version and they are handy. I do not mind a wheel gun.
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    I currently own approximately 7 wheel guns, from .22 smokepole, to an 80's vintage Ruger, I traded a Rossi .357 snubby, and $200 +/- for it. The Rossi had a couple of tense times for me, where it apparently had a light tap on the primer, on a reload, the first time, where it only got the bullet to get about 1/2 way through the barrel, a very disconcerting feeling in a range environment, but very scary if you consider that this could very easily have been a potential CCW, and in SHTF mode there may or may not have been the reaction time that it took to realize the 3rd of 6 rounds didn't exit my weapon!! The first thought I had, was, I screwed up and had forgot to put the powder in, but there was much more residue in the casing than what a mere primer ignition would have left, I kind of blew it off as a fluke, however about a month later, at the same range, I get through the first 5 rounds of factory ammo, then another failure to exit, I take a look at the primer, on the first failure to exit and again on the second primer, and both had barely dented the primer. On the first time I knocked the bullet back through the barrel, on the second, I returned it to the factory via my dealer, after 8 1/2 months they said that it fired fine on their test fire, they then cleaned it up and sent it back, with no real comments, as to how many test fires, etc. I am not a wet nosed novice, I started shooting at age nine, with an old 8 Gauge shotgun, and went up and down the caliber road from .17 to 50 Caliber over 50 years, including 20 years of military service and 8 + months is totally unacceptable for a test fire and back to the dealer. I am not knocking the weapon, so much as the service time, I can understand a lag, if the revolver had to be reworked! They only shot it a couple of times. That was way too long, in my opinion. I know I could not feel secure in SHTF mode when the first round gets the barrel blocked, your second rapid fire round might make the BG a real happy camper, as you are standing there with a stump where you fist used to be, don't know if this will be any better, but it will go, too, if I can't rely on it. I know there is a break-in period, with any new firearm but all the break-in wore off after 8 months, LOL

  6. Would bet that it was a round that was not charged (no powder) did that once myself. In which case it's no fault of the the wheelgun. One of my first reloads and, oddly enough, was in my first revolver.
  7. Nothin' wrong with a revolver. I shot revolvers for years and years. Don't have one now. Need to get one.
  8. nice weapon i have been contomplating getting my own in 357 for a BUG. The company issues bersa thunders and well its a good weapon i think the 357 might be in my gun locker soon