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new toy GSG5 pistol

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ain't shot it yet but i have a feeling it's gonna be a 10 on the fun factor scale.lol

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thanks man i can't wait to get the rifle now. i have a thing about just havin one of them and the other is floating around this is one soldy made gun. gonna try to make a small video of the baptism shooting.lol
About the only "bad" thing I have heard about the GSG5s is the charging handle tube is made of aluminum, if you load and charge the gun with the "HK Slap" (slapping the charging handle out of the bolt hold open notch) the notch wears off pretty quick and it no longer holds the bolt open. You have to pull back and release the charging handle to avoid the wear.
i'm gonna have to take a look at that it seemed pretty stout to me maybe the newer models had problems besides the only thing i uses the bolt hold open for is to clean it. there is really two bolt holders one is the notch on the charging handle slot and the other is you simply insert a empty mag and pull the handle back and it will stay open. i just got the gun so i'm still finding things out about it hopefully it shoots as good as it's built because it's a nice solid gun.
I have wanted one for a while now. I have had the pleasure of shooting a rifle model at the range...boy..oh..boy..I liked it a lot! Another nice thing is any mp-5 airsoft part, I.E. stocks, mounts etc will fit on her. Just make sure the parts are compatable with tokyo mariu weapons and you are good to go.
I've been seeing a lot of these around recently. What is the price range on one of these?
the gun is awesome.....obviously you suck for buying one before me....
i paid right around 568.00 with 2 extra mags too. but the gun before taxs was 480.00. the mags was selling for 30.00.
i see you have sling adaptors on your's mine doesn't have them .did you buy them extra or did it come with them?
i see you have sling adaptors on your's mine doesn't have them .did you buy them extra or did it come with them?
mine came with. the front ring is the bolt that holds on the triple tree and the rear is mounted to the reciver cap.

i'm gonna have to go look inside the case a bit more.lol
Mine with a slightly modified WASR sling.

And the mod i did to that godawful birdcage flash hider to make it look better.

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