New Toy, not bad for a gift.

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  1. When I got to Canton Texas to my Step parents house *not really family, but I still claim them* I had a suprise waiting for me... I wasn't expecting it, but this is what was handed to me with 2 boxes of 7 1/2 bird shot...



    According to the barrel stamp, it's a Stevens Model 59A Bolt Action Tube fed .410, made by Savage Arms. It holds 5 + 1 and boy is it a sweet shooter!!! I looked over the entire gun and I didn't find a date stamp, but that's fine with me. It was a gift and I'll never get rid of it. The only thing I have to do is get the tube spring insert re-pinned as it won't fit snugly and stay locked into place. It was a gift to me by my little brother's step dad *and that man means alot to me, hence I call him Dad* just for whatever.... Birthday, Christmas, blah blah blah, take your pick. He got it or $100.00 at a flea market. This thing is gonna be a squirrel bustin SOB once I get it cleaned up and all... How's that for a gift?
  2. Way cool! Whenever you shoot it you'll have good memories of loved ones.

    Something else cool about it--it's not the type of arm you'd think to go looking for on your own. That means it will probably be the only one of its type you have, so it'll always stand out a little in your collection.

    Enjoy! :D

  3. I wanted a .410, and when he was here for a couple of weeks last year we'd talked about it. Now, I really wanted a good pump or a double barrel O/U or side by side, that would have done fine for me. However, this little gun took out a square of 1/2 inch plywood from 25 yards. The choke on this thing has got to be really tight as it blew holes, BIG holes through the wood. Eh, it's a bolt action, so what? That extractor throws hulls about 10 feet and it's an accurate little weapon. I can't ask for anything more if ya know what I mean.
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    Very nice. Ever since I got my Mosin, I kinda have a soft spot for bolt actions.
  5. Looks like fun, those 410 shells are expensive though.
  6. Yeah, but with my reloading press for shotgun already set up for .410, all I need is some shot, some wads and primers. I already keep Unique powder hanging around and .410 doesn't really take alot of shot when you compare it to say 20 or 12 guage.... It's gonna be a fun little gun to have around.
  7. Oh, my! That's really lovely!

    My dad had/has a single-shot bolt-action .410 that I used as a kid. I don't remember the brand, but I have'ta admit that a .410 brings back warm memories!
  8. I plan on passing this .410 to my son/daughter when I get too old to shoot it....

  9. nice, im gonna get into reloading sooner or later when I find one that doesnt take up a lot of space.
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    thats a pretty cool .410 :D
    Haven't seen one like that before....
  11. Very nice. I have never shot a .410 but sure would like to.
  12. That's a very nice .410 shotgun. There's definitely nothing wrong with a bolt-action. I would think that this gun should be very accurate with slugs and more than enough for deer with a slug within reasonable range. My very first firearm was a .410 single-shot.

    As for reloading 410 shells, I haven't recalled seeing Unique being used in .410 shells. Usually, powders like 2400, H110, Lil'Gun, etc. is more into the proper burning range. But the .410 is definitely worth reloading for and a whole lot cheaper than store-bought ammo.

    Continue to put valuable hunting memories into that gun and someday you can pass it down to your grandkids as a family heirloom. Don't forget to pass down the hunting stories along with it. ;)

  13. That's a pretty nice gift there Primal. Enjoy it! :D
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    Good stuff! My dads got one like that... might be the same model, I'll have to dig it out. I have a soft spot for BA and LA shotguns, you don't see them very often, but they're a nice change. I really like that it's probably not something someone would try to tacti-cool up.
  15. I am gonna sand down the stock and clean up some bad spots on the metal, and that's about it. This one is gonna stay just like she is.
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    Nice. I have always had a soft spot for .410. I have a Single shot H&R topper that was my first gun (besides a BB Gun). My Dad has a Bolt action Mossberg (3+1) and a Stevens Double Barrel.

    My family always did a lot of small game hunting and the 22LR and .410 were always what we took out. The .410 also makes a great little slug gun.

    It sounds like yours has the full choke (same as my H&R). At 50yds with a slug I can put shots in a 3 inch circle with just the bead sight.
  17. That sounds about right with this .410.... I love this little thing already, even though I need to get the tube spring re-pinned... It was free, and it's great for what I am going to use it for.
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    Awesome gift. I think firearms are pretty much the one gift you can't go wrong on. If you know someone who loves firearms, almost any one you get is a great gift.

    One of the firsts guns I shot was a .410, fun little buggers, very nice at squirrel busting.
  19. If Silicon Wolverine had used one of these, I wonder how his squirrel escapade would have turned out? :D :wink:
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    very cool gun, thats the kind of gun I walk into the gun store and find on the rack that I always have to take home.