New User Issues?

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  1. I see our most recent member is cialisvsvviagra. If this is a legitimate user, please forgive me. But I suspect this is a spam service registering users to spam links on the boards.

    To the administration. Is this something that you get here often? I know I do at my website. My fellow administrator, the guy that knows the tech stuff, installed an automatic moderation filter that doesn't allow these dorks to post anything. I've only seen one or two such posts here so someone is doing a good job eliminating it. I'm just curious if you have any specific software protections in place.
  2. I think you're right. 'His' web page is an order site for Viagra and Cialis.

    Similar users: PHARMACYONLINECHEAPESTPIL, bonusbigbonuss, ONLINEPHARMACYCHEAPILLS, appleiphoneees, and a bunch of nonsense IDs like Zplxarqi, Xewksghy, Qxsumehj, etc.

  3. Jarhead1775

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    I think this one too: valentinesdayyy - Look at his website link.

    This could be a start to a potential problem.
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    Jarhead, Normally i do this myself, but i haven't in a while...
    These indeed are spam bots, but when you see a spammer, go to their profile, copy the URL to their profile, and send it to primal with the heading "Spambots" or something of the like... I know i've probably blew up his inbox with pm's, but hey, I hate spam! (not the food but the method of advertising)
  5. Thanks for the good eyes guys, I appreciate it. These spammers didn't get a chance to post anything as ALL users are set to Administrator Activation at this time, and will continue to be so until this spamming attacks stops. I don't forsee this to happen anytime soon, but who knows?

    Oh, and when I see spammer accounts I delete them and ban their usernames. Again, thanks for watching out.
  6. Primal: At my website we allow user activation so these spam bots do make it through. But there is some kind of software my buddy installed that self moderates threads they start so no spam shows up on the boards. We have so many of these spam bots registering, as many as a dozen per day, we just can't always keep up deleting accounts. So the auto mod option has worked awesome. Only 1-2 times do I recall an actual new user having trouble posting a link. If you're interested I will find out more about the hack and see if you guys can use it here.

    We used to ban the spammers e-mail string as they are always something out of the ordinary. No help at all. We've added countless variations of the user names to the ban filter, very little success. I guess there are enough people out there that buy things from spam links that it makes sense for computer programmers to outwit the outwitters, lol.
  7. Dude, I'll take a look at it, so if you want to send me a link with more information on that program, feel free to do so. If it's something that I think might work, I'll pass it up the line to Jones to see if he would like to implement it.