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I ordered one up from Century last week, and it showed up yesterday. I should have taken a pic when it came out of the box. The furniture was/is mismatched, and looked like crap. Neither the upper hand guard, nor the butt stock were finished. Both pieces were in the rough, and had an oil finish (by that I mean cosmoline). :roll:
The lower hand guard is laminated (the others beach or something), and had been stripped of the original shellac... or at least most of it. I found some still on top where the 2 hand guards meet.

So wood quality 1-10? 2

The rifle itself was caked in cosmo (no surprise), but cleaned up well after an hour or so of scrubbing. The metal finish looks good, and everything appears to be straight.
I was surprised to see that they put the Tapco parts on these. I was under the impression they didn't need them because they didn't accept the hi-cap mags.

So metal quality 1-10? 7
It's a 7 because of the blob weld at the bottom of the muzzle cap I had to cut so I could put a brake on it. :)

Anywho, I cleaned up the wood a little, gave it a little danish oil (walnut), and then some amber shellac. Now it looks respectable.

The pics are a little grainy. I need to pick up a new camera one of these days.

The invoice was interesting, and I will need to make some calls to my Century rep about it.
WASR 309.87
Mags 5.00 (each) it came with 5
cleaning kit & sling 10.00
shipping 7.95

I am wondering if I can order just the rifle. I don't really need/want the other stuff.

All in all, it is worth the price if you are willing to spend a couple hours drinking beer in your garage away from your wife... hrm... I might need to buy 2 more.

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was your stock rough as heck? I am currenly refinishing mine, I has painted it black but didn't like it, so i started to sand off the black and now the dips and raises in the wood are painfully obvious, I know they didn't worry about a fine finish but some of the dips are about 1/4 inch deep and I have been sanding for hours.
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