new weapon for the wife.

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  1. I just picked up a new pistol for the wife. It is a bersa thunder 380acp. sorry i have a link at the bottom of the page for it but no pics due to a cam issue. (it went swimming) however Milehigh and i are working on this.
  2. My dad and my brother both have one of those. Great pistol! Good for CCW if you like .380.

  3. I bought one about a month ago and love it.
    Great little gun that will be my CCW weapon once I take the class and do the paperwork.
    They are fine guns.
  4. I have owned one for a couple years now, execellent little gun for CCW in my opinion. The wife claimed my BT Duo Tone as her's and that's what she carries now. What ever you do, DO NOT buy ProMag magazine's for the Bersa Thunder... They dont work worth a crap! Spend the extra money and get real BERSA mags.

    Here's a site to get Bersa stuff... Prices are decent and I have had no issues with delayed shipping.
  5. Hey thanks a lot i ordered a new grip, mag, and a holster for it. i will post pics once all comes in thanks again -bob
  6. Anyone know the MSRP for a Bersa Thunder 380? I've seen them at the gun shows, but never was interested enough to ask the price. Now the wife wants a XD9 in compact for Concealed carry and to shoot at the range. I would like to see her shoot several pistols before making her mind up. Personally , I think The XD9 is going to be a little large for purse carry and will have to get her a 380 of some sort for carry and a XD9 for funsies at the range :D Buy her 2 pistols, 'n she'll be pistol packin Momma! :lol:

    Semper Fi , At ease , men, smoke 'em if you got 'em
  7. got a good deal on mine 175 nib otd thats only cause i am real good freinds with the store owner though and this one was display model so it had a few scars. i see them for the 200-250 range round here new. thats michigan though.
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    Give me a call and let me know what you want to do about that camera I got sitting here waiting for ya. I have a few days off next week so I'll be able to get away for a couple hours to meet up somewhere. I would love to go to that Gander Mountain you talked about and check out their stock on firearms.
  9. I think that they are pretty decent every time I have pulled the triger it has gone boom. My wife carrys the bersa .380 and a kel tec p3at.