New woodland camo backpack project.

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  1. Not 100% done yet.
    Needs a grab handle, and a final decision on whether to add storm collar or not, and if I want drawcord closure up top. Lid has gutter paracord with 2 barrel locks to hold tight to the main body. Shape is sort of like the Klettersack backpacks and with sustainment pockets added, like the ARVN rucksack but taller. This replaces the 2,000ci MOLLE bag as my primary short trip bag, and gives me better ideas on how to do the Spruce green/Ranger green low profile pack, which likely will get a frame insert from Fireforce USA.

    20" tall
    12"top width to 14" width bottom
    7" deep
    1000D Cordura bottom and back panel
    500D main panel and lid
    Duraflex.tan 499 buckles and D rings
    Black metal three-bar buckles/tabs for lower frame attachments
    Single buckle lid closure
    Velcro strap for frame
    Minimal MOLLE to fit only the Sustainment Pouches
    2" lash tabs for lashing bed pads, or sleeping bag sack
    6x6 pocket for 5.5x5.5x3/8 foam pad for nape pad, can fit flat items like maps or cards in there. May fit phone without breaking it.
    Medium MOLLE/DEI 1609 Open Perimeter frame
    ALICE straps-will replace heavy QD lower pieces with lightweight parts from OV Innovation if I don't decide to make my own
    MOLLE II ruck belt-might replace with either woodland version of ACU Med MOLLE Ruck belt (4" tall, same as war belt but with ruck mount straps), or ALICE style kidney pad with just 2" stabilizing belt pieces, or go Kelty style old school with just trampoline 3.5" wide webbing panel and 2" webbing belt
    20201201_222137.jpg 20201201_222153.jpg 20201201_222201.jpg 20201201_222214.jpg 20201201_222227.jpg 20201201_222707.jpg 20201201_222759.jpg 20201201_222744.jpg 20201201_222253.jpg 20201201_222315.jpg
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    I really don't like single strap closures, but with a storm collar, it would be OK. I guess.
    Compression straps on the sides might be nice, and allow you to fasten tall things inside the strap, like a sleeping pad or a scabbard.

  3. I went with single strap lid because of the two sustainment pouches, and because I didnt want to deal with pulling straps behind the sustainment pouches. Thats also why the lid is deep and has two barrel locks on the cord on the lid edge, so that I could tighten the lid against the body. I did consider compression straps, thats why the vertical main strap have a slot for a single compress strap if so desired.
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  4. Decided against adding a storm collar, but went and added grommets and gutted paracord for drawcord closure of main bag. Still thinking on if I want add a lid pocket or not, its certainly got room for it, but opening would be on the inside instead of a slash opening for a zipper for this one. Also moved upper D rings closer to the center, and added a carry handle made of 2" webbing with folded over edges on center for comfort. Still debating on whether to do a low profile, approx 4" tall MOLLE belt that has fittings for the frame, or to do an ALICE style kidney pad with removable webbing belt sections; as the MOLLE II ruck belt is WAY overkill for this pack lol... shown with filled ALICE Medium ruck on frame, in no particular order 20201204_145753.jpg 20201204_145824.jpg 20201204_145647.jpg 20201204_145719.jpg 20201204_145847.jpg 20201204_145627.jpg
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    nice work!

    I dont typically post short comments but you deserve it. Well done.
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  6. Replaced the overkill MOLLE Ruck belt with a stupid simple trampoline kidney panel and 1.5" web belt, uses 3.5" "Ranger Green", 1" "Camo Green", and 1.5" "Ranger Green" with Foliage Green ladderlocks and black 1.5" hardware. It feels decent on the frame and with moderate loads in the backpack. Now the heaviest items other than the bags are the ALICE ruck shoulder straps with the steel spring load buckles. Decided against adding an under lid pocket for now. Also sewn up a pair of 1.5" compression straps with Olive Drab webbing and Tan 499 buckles. Loaded the pack up with clothes from me and the wife for overnight trip to my parents, an extra pillow, bath/grooming stuff in one pouch, and towels/washcloths in the other pouch. With this relatively light load, the trampoline panel and belt feels decent. Will see how it works with first actual camp trips against the coyote bags... 20201212_163308.jpg 20201212_163303.jpg 20201212_163212.jpg 20201212_163639.jpg 20201212_163628.jpg 20201212_163157.jpg
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    you are obsessed now and just cant stop! Can you please start experimenting with Rocketpacks?
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  8. I am no Mandalorian Armorer/Fett ;) :rolleyes:
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    This is the way

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    I am actually more the Rocketeer type.
  11. Wife packed the woodland bag with 4 days and 3 nights worth of clothing and toiletries, and I packed the coyote brown bag that's the subject of ; with same amount of stuff for the Christmas week at my parents'..

    The coyote bag has only OD Tactical Tailor Super Straps (coyote brown version coming whenever the USPS decides to drop the package off); the woodland bag has the Med MOLLE frame, woodland ALICE straps, and the custom webbing belt thingy. Shown with 2 sustainment pockets on each bag. Both bags are quite similar in size, with the woodland bag being a bit bigger all around. 20201222_191635.jpg
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