new XD6 subcompact for the wife

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  1. Bought my wife a XD9 sub compact yesterday. She said she didn't want a gun for Christmas, and I didn't get it for her for Cristmas.. Now that we got that straight , it was a fairly good deal . Paid $498.98 for it and the going price around here seems to be about $529.99( at Cabela's and other sporting goods stores). We haven't shot this particular gun , but we did rent one last month and she liked the fit in her hand. She shot a better group with the XD than the Glock 17,or 26. Shoots a little high if you ask me( 8" high at 15 yds), but I'm sure we can either adjust to the way it shoots or get a higher front blade, but that's another point further down the road. need to get her used to her pistol first.

    Semper fi , troops. At ease, 'n smoke 'em if you got 'em.
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    Congrats! XD9 is a great gun... Mine was right on the money out of the box. I wounder what the shooting high thing is all about. Maybe you should have a suresight put on it Though it looks really big it is not. It will still fit in a fobus holster with it on.....


  3. Ugh I hate you, been trying to get one.
  4. Never have seen such a sight. Looks really cool, but my wife is more of a traditionalist. Told me just to cool it with the sights. Wants to see what she shoots like with the three dot config. She did say I can take it to the range this week.( she has to work 'n me, I'm off til '08)

    I did load both magazines up and realized that it takes a half box of ammo, just to load it up. Load it an shoot all day :lol:

    As for you, Taurus, I may have to eat vienna sausage for a month to get the budget back together, but will be worth it. You gotta make some sacrifices sometimes, I guess.

    Semper Fi
  5. I'd like to try one of those sometime. Like their website says, it should be easier to make a triangle than line up the dots.
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    Me too... $89 holds me back for right now.... And sights are really hard to put on the XDs.
  7. Cool! You and your wife enjoy shooting together!
  8. Yeah, Loopster, the family that shoots together stays together. LOL We took the CHL course togetherand now she wanted her own gun. So we went and shot all the 9mm's they had for rent. The XD9 sub compact was her choice. Said it fit her hand and besides she had better groups with it