New Years Resolutions

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  1. OK everyone, lets see some new years resolutions...

    Mine: workout ATLEAST 3 times a week, try for 4-5 times. And go take my CC class and apply for my permit and star carrying, complete within 2 months.
  2. neothespian

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    -To get back to Phoenix ASAP!
    -Get enough out of debt this year to get a small fixer upper house next
    -to get out of 138 lbs and get back to my pre-Denny's weight of 158lbs with the same level of body fat
    -To get another Chow Chow
    -To see my little sis back to full health (Don't have much to do with that, but I can try)

  3. 1. Start buying a house.
    2. Get back in shape
  4. 1. Get the hell out of Alamogordo in whatever way is the fastest.

    2. Run more

    3. Keep doing what it is I do, to the best of my ability 100% of the time.

    4. *Wifes wish for my resolution* Quit Smoking *PFFFFFT!! That won't happen until resolution #1 happens. This place could make the Pope Smoke.*
  5. elguapo

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    Get my Saiga.
    Get started on Reloading.
    Go to an advanced pistol class.
    Shoot more (like that needs mentioning)
    Finish more car projects.
    TRY to get a '05 or '06 GTO before year's end.