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  1. Hello all........ Guess I'll be todays new guy. ;)

    I found this forum while I was researching all the pros and cons of the Hi Point 9mm. I am a novice to the gun world. I've had guns most all my life, mainly gifts and what not. I'm more of a car guy I guess but I do like about anything with moving parts.

    I received my first 9mm hi point in a car trade. I have a few gun buddies that were less than thrilled to hear that. That's when I started digging to see what I had. That was a while back. Since then I took the gun out to fire a few round thru it to form my own opinion. I had just bought the wife a Taurus 380 so we took them both. And to my surprise, after all the crap I took, I loved the hi point. It fits my larger hand great. Loved it so much in fact that I went out and bought another one just like it new. :)

    I ended up here because I decided I wanted a rifle of some sort and wasn't sure what I wanted. I was looking at a Rossi Circuit Judge when I stumbled across a little thing called a 9mm hi point carbine. With the ammo I have for my other 9s this gun just makes since. Plus I like the look of it. I'm going to see if my local guy has one in stock, if not I'll be ordering one. :cool:

    Anyways that's long and drawn out.......... Thanks for having me. Look forward to learning from the site.

    Thanks again...... Farmboy!!!:)
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    And this is how it starts!:eek::eek::eek:

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    Hey farmboy, I am with holding the full welcome until you tell me you are a Ford guy.... :D
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    :welcome: to the site! Bunch of good guys and gals here. And a few questionable ones as well! :eek: Plenty to learn, just ask and we will help!
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    Welcome from MO, nice to have you!
  6. I can neither confirm or deny this......... I have had both, heck even dodges, but lean a bit further to the Chevy side. :rolleyes:

    Current Hot Rod truck........

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    Cool truck. I like it.
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    Welcome from North Texas. If you are near DFW you can try Cabella's, or Armidillo (near Farmersville.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Mopar or no car! I like that truck!

    ignore the Buick in my driveway
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  11. I am closer to the Amarillo area. There's a local "pawn shop ;)" that sales lots of new guns that I've been pretty happy with. :)
    I get down that way though I sure will check them out. Thanks!!!
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    Always good to see another Texan stumble in here. :)
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    Crap another one. Welcome
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    Welcome from SE Texas!
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    :welcome: Cool truck!!! :D Hi Points do breed, and quickly!!! I couldn't really afford them,(fixed income):( but C9 led to 995TS led to JHP45:eek: in a 4 month period!!! :eek: Oh well, gotta love em.:D and the old trucks also, no matter what they are!!! Love my old Dodge!!!:splits:

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    We need more info on the truck! Year, engine, etc. etc. Either you provide the details or we are going to kick you to the curb rather quickly! :rofl:
  17. Texas, home to the prettiest girls in the Union.
  18. Fair enuff.........:rofl:

    It's a '51 Chevy 3100 that I put on a '92 s-10 chassis. It has a 350 crate motor out of my old IMCA sport mod with a 700R4 tranny. I didn't buy the bolt on kit to mount the cab and bed to the new frame mainly because I'm cheap and I like doing things myself so I built all my stuff myself. With the OD trans this thing loves to run down the highway around 80 or so at 2500rpm and it'll get about 18mpg doing that. Her name is Lola and she's a lot of fun.

    Even been in a magazine!!!

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    Nice! Carb, manifold, headers, rear end, gears, etc. ?
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    Very nice! Good job.