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Newbie - 1st Post - Left-Hand Holster Question

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Hey, all.

Been nosing around for awhile, just joined the Forum, and my C9's on the way from the Left Coast.

I know this has been answered a couple of ways, sorry to rehash again, but..

I'm a Lefty (that's the ONLY thing about me that leans left).

Looking for a good holster, Fobus is perfect, Galco tactical is great, too. I know that Fobus doesn't make a LH model, waiting for Galco to respond re their MK 5 holster.

My question here is - does anyone know if the C9 comes close to matching any other 9mm in size, shape, etc. so that I can use those specs for a holster?

I really do prefer a tactical paddle holster, ralddy don't want a nylon type, so far I'm coming up zip.

Thanks in advance.
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Check Fobus, I know they make a Paddle Holster for the C9 but I've only seen them in right handed. You could check their website. :welcome:
hmmm, sorry about that then, I'll try to find you a link to one.
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