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    Hello, I'm brand new. Never been on a forum. Don't know what I'm doing Be gentle w me.
    I just purchased the 995ts 9mm carbine and although I wont pick it up at the store for another week I do have (and I'm sure will have more) questions. After watching a lot of reviews on Youtube I'm pretty sure I want a red dot scope and I've seen some lazer, light red dot combos too. Not sure. Looking for recommendations. I want to get a quick release mount/riser also. How tall, how long?
    Will buy 2 10rnd mags and stock mount when Hi Point web is operating again.
    Any other suppliers of Hi Point accessories? suggestions?
    I appreciate your help and look forward to participating here.
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    Peace favor your sword,

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    NE Utah
    Welcome to the group!

    Don’t do 90% of the crap you see on YouTube, and you’ll be fine.

    Don’t add anything until you’ve shot it a few times.
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    [QUOTE="MrRobbi1, post: 2654217, member: 69261" That sounds like good advice. I've seen the ones that talk about how bad the trigger is but since I don't shoot a lot and really don't have anything but my shotgun and 30.30 to compare I may not even notice. My vision is not good. That's why I think I'll need more than the factory sights. I thank you for your input and the welcome.
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    Thank you.
  6. Hello from Kentucky. What part of the country are you in?
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    North Carolina. Howdy.
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    Welcome to the forum from a JHP owner from Florida.
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    Welcome from Iowa. A decent red dot should serve you well. We really enjoy both of our 995ts we own.
  10. I actually like the stock sights on my 995TS. The only thing I've added to mine is the double mag holder with two mags that HiPoint sells (you get a discount code for your first purchase at their on line store when you register the gun), plus an extra mag for a total of four.
    I did buy a 42" gun case to hold my 995 TS plus my old Marlin Glenfield 22LR, and a mag loader from HKS to help load the magazines.
    IMG_20200702_200846_479 (1).jpg IMG_20200525_141840045.jpg
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    You can always try the factory sights. I was surprised how well mine worked with my eyes. I did a paper plate analogy on Sunday in the optics section for my eye sight.
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    Welcome to the group.I know how you feel. Lol Without my glasses, the rear peep sight fuzzes out until I can barely see it. With my glasses, rear sight is fine, but the front sight is fuzzy.
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    Welcome from the Great Southwest! My advice... load the mags when you get it, then go shoot it. Don't cycle live rounds, the firing pin is the ejector. Go get snap caps if you feel you need to. The carbines are super reliable, at least all of mine have been. Don't take it apart, don't clean it. Run a bore snake down the barrel every so often and just go shoot it!
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    It sounds like you're better off shooting without your glasses since focusing on the front sight is the priority. If the far targets are getting blurry when you look at them, alone, then that's a rough deal.

    I used to be very nearsighted, and I remember trying to do the NBC qualification with my rifle when I'd forgotten to put my mask inserts in. That sucked. I could barely see the front sight, and the 25M green Ivan I was shooting at was damn near invisible, too. Another time, I propped my glasses on the outside of the mask. It worked, but man, it was awkward. I had to be careful with how I moved my head to the glasses wouldn't fall off, and because the mask was too wide for the bows to go around it, the glasses were tilted forward, making a very distorted image. I still qualified, though.
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    Lol, I do. I dont Need them when I’m shooting a pistol. Just tried them because of the rear sight. I’ll probably end up putting optics on it, but you never know.
  16. MrRobbi1

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    Thank you. I really like the red dot on my turkey gun.
  17. MrRobbi1

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    Thank you, happy to be participating.
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    Thank you, but I was able to get them from Hi Point. Awaiting the Redball 20 rounder now.
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