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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by Shooter_McGavin, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Hi-Point 4595TS-CA gets out of jail this Friday!!!
  2. planosteve

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    Welcome Shooter, enjoy the asylum. I love my 4595 so much I went an got a baby brother for him to play with, a JHP. As soon as you get it load the mag(s) full and let them set for a few days unless you need to go to the range right away. The only issue I ever had was with a new mag. After a week fully loaded no more problems. If you shoot 22 and are low on ammo go to the lounge and sign up for the 2nd Annual 22 LR give away.

  3. Thanks!
    I plan on getting a few extra mags. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Dagwood

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    Welcome shooter, from the great southwest!

    Gotta love the carbines! I bought my 4595ts and went straight to the range. I have never had any issues with mine.

    The only problem is I never have enough ammo. Lol
  5. :rofl:

    This is my first carbine. I shoot a 1911 also .45, and absolutely love it, that's why i got the 4595. As far as ammo goes, I'm with you on that! Never enough.
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  6. lklawson

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    You can do a magazine notch modification to make 1911 mags fit the Hi Point JHP .45ACP handgun. Off hand, I don't recall anyone doing the same for the 4595TS but I haven't been paying close attention.

    Peace favor your sword,
  7. Liberty

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    Welcome to the asylum. We love range reports and pictures.
  8. Irishfanatik

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    Welcome shooter, you are gonna love the 4595ts. My only regret is that I didn't buy a hi point carbine years ago. If you do any mods to your new gun, everyone likes seeing pictures.
  9. Thanks everybody. Friday night its out of jail and Sunday heading out to break her in. Pictures will follow with a report.