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Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by HarveyP_KY, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. HarveyP_KY

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    I'd like some info about purchasing ammo online, please.

    1. How do I go about providing proof of age?

    2. Is shipping cost a deal breaker? (Do shipping charges negate online savings when making purchase of 1 or 2 boxes only?)

    3. What are the most trusted vendors?
  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    1-usually by using a pic of a drivers license, or by simply certifying on a digital signature thing.

    2- yes, it can cost $20 to ship a $20 box of ammo.

    3- no idea, I hate 'em all equally.

  3. I wish i would have seen this earlier could have helped more.
    Freedom munitions was having $5 flat rate shipping until tonight at 9pm. actually it lists it at 9PM CST so there may still be some time? i dont know they are in idaho i think

    Check them out anyway, it said it would have costed me $10 to ship 250rds without the discount.

    Really buying online is only worth it in bulk. i bought 5 boxes and saved about $5 a box. if your only buying one or two its not worth it.

    I join all the main gun sites emailing lists. so when freedommuntions or palmetto state armory have free shipping deals i buy some.
  4. Hot-Shot

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    Hazmat charges too

    Before I started reloading and ordered on line the hazmat fee was 27.50 some places charged regular shipping too added to the HM fee
    I don't know how they get around it
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    In my experience, buying ammo online is only a good idea if you buy in quantities in excess of 500rds, and wait until major holidays to place your order.

    Many of the larger online retailers will start advertising ammo blowouts with free shipping about a week before the major holidays (Mem. Day, Independance Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).

    Now that ammo is available, prices are becoming affordable again. Target Sports did a promo for the 4th of July that was $149 + free shipping for 420rds of Lake City 5.56.

    You can get 1k of PPU 9mm for $259.80 shipped. I don't have a 9mm, so I don't know if .26/rd is a good price or not, but here's a link... You have to select the "Case Qty" option to get the free shipping.
  6. Make a photocopy of your drivers license and mail, fax or e-mail it to the company.
    It's been my experience that unless I buy 3 or more boxes of ammo at a time, I don't save any money, when including the cost of shipping. The shipping cost for me usually ends up being around $12-13 dollars.
    I've bought from J&G Sales, SG Ammo and; my next purchase of 9mm will be from Freedom Munitions. :)
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    As others have noted, you're better off buying locally on small quantities. Welcome to the H-P forums, Harvey.
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  9. SWAGA

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    You submit your zip ode and it shows your cost/round with shipping included.
    To order you follow the instructions on the sellers website.
    It's not rocket surgery you know :D
  10. I have never been charged haz mat for ammo. Though they will charge it for primers and powder, both part of cartridges. It cost me around 15 dollars to ship three boxes of ammo. Cost is probably slightly less for a business that gets a UPS shipping discount.
  11. SWO1

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    Same as above. NEVER been charged HazMat for just ammo. If your dealer is charging it "YOU ARE GETTING RIPPED OFF"
  12. ajole

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    NE Utah
    What they said. Hazmat is not required unless you go over 66 lbs of ammo, it just uses ORM-D stickers, but once you go over 66 lbs or go air carrier, you must do hazmat stuff. So if you ordered a large enough number of large heavy bullets in one box, you would get stuck with a fee.

    The cost I was referring to was based simply on weight.;)
  13. Yep. But one box of primers $4.00 will cost $27 to ship because of hazmat . :p
  14. I really like for ammo buying. Their site explains all that you need to do to buy. Very good people to deal with. I have bought from JG and some others. Do the math with shipping and decide if it is worth it to you.

    I have never paid a hazmat fee from anyone. I buy primers when needed from a gun show vendor. To note I don't reload much anymore. I don't enjoy it. Once I finally reload the last of the .357/.38 I have left I am done.
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    Before I got into reloading, I did very well with Lucky Gunner. Another thing to try is GunBot, which claims to scour the web for ammo pricing. Unless you are shooting 9mm, it pays you to reload if you shoot 50-100/mo.
    For instance, at my local Cabela's, .40S&W is $20.99/50 or 41.98/100 or .419 each. I buy a bulk pack of 1,000 plated lead bullets for $150ish; 1,000 primers for 39.95, powder for $ 26.00 and range cleaned brass and my own recovered, call it $.04 each.
    $0.15 bullet+$.04primer+.02 powder+ .04 brass= $.024 each or $12.00/50 or $24.00/100; significantly cheaper AND as long as you stock up you have ammo when you want.