Newbie Question C-9 10 round magazine

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  1. Well today in the mail I just got my 10 round mag from beemiller and then decided to use it tonight. I had one problem I put it into the C-9 with no ammo and the slide will not return to its original position after the mag is in. Can you please help on this ??

    It looks like it might be getting caught on the feeder lips.
  2. The Hi-Point line of pistols won't return to battery *the slide won't close* with an empty magazine in the mag well. No matter how you slice it or dice it, you have to have ammo in the mag, or drop the mag out of the weapon to get the slide to come forward. To do this, drop the mag, or insert a mag with ammo in it, pull back on the slide and let go. Presto, slide is closed and either it's ready to shoot or ready to put in the safe. Hope this helps.

    BTW, welcome to the forum! :D :p 8)

  3. Nicely put, welcome aboard.
  4. Totally agree. Welcome to the forum. Keep asking questions, there's a lot of knowledge here. :wink: