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Newbie question on carbine rails and optics

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Hi all, I've got a 1095 carbine on the way to my local dealer and I'm pretty pumped about that! Naturally I'm now looking at ways to trick out the gun I don't even have yet. I'm thinking of getting a scope of some kind and have been browsing the Hi Point optics page with the 1095 filter on.

I've been looking at the Predator Red Dot sights, for instance, and seeing that they are specifically "for picatinny rails only." The 1095 comes with weaver rails, and picatinny accessories usually aren't compatible with weaver rails, correct?

So I'm wondering if I'm missing something here. Will these picatinny optics work on the 1095's weaver rails unmodified regardless? Is an adapter needed? Just trying to make sense of the options as I ponder getting my first scope. Thanks for your time.
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If not plenty of accessories that will fit or can be made to fit easily.
It’s a plastic rail.
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