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newbie seeking advice & tips

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New to the forum and Hi-point firearms. Just bought a 995TS carbine. Hopefully will get it from dealer this week. I was surprised how hard it was to actually get one of these. Seems like everyone I called was out of them. Finally found a local dealer who would order one for me. He said his wholesaler only had one. Lucky to get it. Hopefully this puppy will live up to the reviews I've read. Any tips or insight regarding cleaning, break-in, ammo, shooting, etc. will be appreciated. TIA.
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Welcome to the forum from TN. You'll love the 995TS.
Mine did great right out of the box with nothing required but ammo. Any brass cased ammo will work. Some folks have reported problems with the cheaper aluminum cased ammo but others have not. If you can load the mag completely and let it sit for a few days before going to the range it is recommended by some others just load the mag and start shooting. I've done it both ways with good results. After loading the mag you can whack the back of it on your palm or thigh or partners head to help seat and align the rounds. Some clean before hand some do not. It may require a break in period of a couple hundred rounds to settle in and begin working flawlessly or it might do like mine and never miss a lick from day one. Relax and enjoy shooting it.
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