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Newbie wants to start reloading

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I want to get a reloading kit but not sure what to get. Who can help me out? Just looking for something simple to start with. Calibers I am shooting at the moment .25 auto, 9mm, 7.62x54. Mostly 9mm
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Thanks Virgil
Just my 2 cents, but before you start reloading get yourself a couple or 3 reloading manuals. I use and like Lee equipment. Don't feel it can be beat for the price. Having said that I highly recommend getting "Modern Reloading, 2ND Edition" by Richard Lee. It explains everything very well and could save you a costly mistake later. Whatever equipment you decide to go with, you'll find loads of reloading data in it that is applicable to any setup. I believe you'll find the book a good investment. Don't be shy about asking questions. The reloaders here love to help others.

PS: Virgil's video is great.
Just a bit of my 2 cents. 54r is almost not worth it to reload unless you need a special round for hunting or the like. It is way cheaper to buy surplus ammo. Also i have discovered that if you use a hammer type bullet puller you can remove the loaded round of surplus, drain the junk powder, and build a load off of there case and primer using any 30cal bullet. If you would like i have a very nice load worked up for a 180gr spritzer i would share with you via P.M.
PS: Virgil's video is great.
What video would that be? Think I missed it.
I don't see a link to a video there.
No video, sorry just my guide
Oh good. Thought I was going crazy. Now that you have the turret press, do you wish you would have just gotten that from the start instead of getting the 50th anniversary kit?
My first presses were the Pro 1000 and the 3 hole turret press from Lee. It took me some time to get used to the progressive Pro 1000, and I can rock some ammo on that press without a doubt, but my best press is the turret. QC is much better, charge weights/volume powder charges are more consistent and the overall quality of the ammo is much higher. I specifically load my .50 AE ammo on that press alone and I get fantastic results from it.

Just ask Taurus357. He and I shot 3 inch clay targets off the backstop of the 200 yard range here in NM with my DE over sand bags. 200 yard range, backstop was about 50 yards past that, I'd say 235 at the closest and 260 at the farthest.... I aimed dead on at that range and blew the hell out of those targets, and I loaded that ammo on a Lee 3 hole turret press.
At the local/friend level, when I get someone into reloading, I get them the Lee turret press. IMO, as easy to learn as a single stage & still allows for loading ammo kwikly.
Oh good. Thought I was going crazy. Now that you have the turret press, do you wish you would have just gotten that from the start instead of getting the 50th anniversary kit?
With a single stage, it forces you to slow down and pay attention, ans is easier for a total noobie to set up. When i got my turret, i had to tinker with it to get the timing of the turret right, and had problems with the automatic powder measure to the point of actually haveing a few squib rounds. I sold my lee kit for almost what i paid for it, so no I am glad i started out on a single stage. Now if I had someone who knew what they were doing help me, then i might have gotten a turret. At the time i was allo about getting in to reloading on a budget, so that is why i went single stage.
My bad. I apologize for posting it as a vid when it was instructions.

I went with the 4 hole turret press because I felt it would be easier for me starting out to just have to adjust the dies once and then just swap out turrets when I changed calibers. And the turret press can be used as a single stage but not the other way around.
I had no experience and nobody to help me 1-1 but the setup and adjustment wasn't to bad. Lee's instructions weren't that great but combining them with tips found here, Utube vids, loading manuals, tips at castboolit forum, and what little common sense I have left, everything went smoothly. As Virgil says, pay attention and go slow with whatever you get.
For the budget you've also got to weigh the amount you plan to shoot and the time you want to spend actually reloading.
Thanks guys. Looking at the prices, there really isn't that much of a difference btween the kits (single vs. Turret). Right now I am leaning towards the turret.
If you are going turret, there ars some things you will need to buy to go with the kit. You need to get a priming system with the turret depending on what kit you get. Go with the saftey prime set up. It is press mounted, so when you go to use it in auto index mode, you can deprime and reprime without removing the case from the shellholder, and having to use a seperate tool . Also if you use this system, your powder measure will interfere with the priming tool. You need the order the powder riser. The one thing that you don't need right away, but you will want to have is the adjustable charge bar. The auto disk powder measure comes with disks with fixed cavities, and you can not really adjust and tweek your loads when it comes to powder charges.

If you can find a turret kit with the auto disk pro powder measure, get that. the pro has a wiper that scrapes the charge bar,or disk, and helps to reduce some of the variations in the charges. Alsodo not skimp and order the 3 hole press, get the 4 hole setup. You will have to use lee dies with the 4 hole press, or at least buy a lee expanding die, since with the turret press you expand the case and charge at the same time. A 4 hole press allows you to use the lee factory crimp die, which is a post seating case sizer. it helps your rounds chamber and makes them more uniform. i use it on everything i make. My 38 special rounds would barley chamber, untill i ran them through the FCD.
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Great information guys. Thanks so much. Yes, the 4 hole turret is what I plan to get. I already ordered the Lee reloading book. Should be here in a few days. Can't wait to start reading it. Thurday is range day. More brass to get. :)
Virgil is 100% right about the auto disc riser. It will make your life much easier with the turret press. I also recommend the swivel adaptor. The auto disc riser is a 100% have to have especially if you plan to prime on the press (I don't). The swivel adaptor is a 50% nice to have.
personally i prefer a single stage. it gives me more QC control vs a turret. and with the quick change die adapters lee and RCBS sell, you dont have to worry aobut setting and re setting dies. turrets and progressives have thier place, but for me single stage is the only way to load. YMMV

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