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    Ok, I've owned a cheap 9mm pistol (not Hi-Point) and a S&W .38sp revolver before, but really don't know guns very well. Wasn't raised around them - never cleaned a gun before. "Oil the mag"? huh?

    So I liked the price on these even better after finding this discussion board and reading your comments -- & decided to buy. I got the .40 pistol & .40 carbine, and cleaned both before firing them. The carbine looked pretty good pre-clean, but the pistol looked like crap, something was all stuck on the lands & grooves. Even AFTER my initial cleaning.

    I didn't like that, and could see why so many people dis the Hi-Point name, what with the factory sending them out looking so crude (and potentially dangerous). Called the factory and was told "yeah, just go out and shoot it. You'll be fine." <no warm fuzzy THERE!>

    So then I took their advice, and shot off 100 rounds in each, WWB. The pistol performed flawlessly, and the gunk was completely gone after post-range cleaning. Very nice. Felt very good.

    However, the carbine had 2 jams out of the 100 rounds, and 1 round of those 2 looked like the load got jammed back into the casing. Yech. So, any words of wisdom? What can I do abt. the jamming? Had to get a pen and dig out the cartidge from the (breach?) each time.

    Oh, and the target shows that the bullets are hitting left & low to the bullseye. Assuming it's not IO (idiot operator) error (yes, I'm a nerd), how do I fix the sights?

  2. Don't worry about what you've owned before, you're fine and you'll probably own many examples of various kinds in years to come. High Points are a good value and getting a matched pair of carbine and pistol is always a prudent move.

    As for 'warm fuzzies' I'm with the factory. Many people are overly fastidious with cleaning their firearms. I'd rather shoot than clean and try to remember to clean each of them at least once every few years, whether they need it or not.

    You can disassemble the arms and polish / clean / buff surfaces, or you can just shoot them a bunch and see if they still need the attention. My 995 has a few (3 if I recall correctly) failures in the first 100 rounds and it's eaten whatever I can find to put in it since.

    To adjust the sights, move the rear sight in the direction you want the bullet to strike. Raise the rear sight to move point of impact up. Move the sight right to move point of impact right.

    Hope this helps--and welcome to the forum. You'll find questions are usually well answered by the folks here, they do like to help. :wink:

  3. Welcome to the forum.
  4. I think you will find that you made a good purchase with your firearms, I love my 4095 carbine and the JCP40 pistol.

    Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions, fire away :)
  5. welcome to the forum. i'm a addict when it come with cleaning my guns. but i enjoy doing it rather than it needed. HP recommend (and most owner too) HP not to clean too often. and HP factory don't clean their test gun withing few thousand rounds, so if you don't feel like cleaning them you don't have to. i find nothing harm cleaning them though.
  6. LOL Like your avatar oldnoob :)