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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by menhir, Apr 13, 2014.

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    I bought my 9mm carbine a few months ago.

    I've been lurking here for a while... ;) and my decision to make the purchase was influenced knowing there would be good help available in this forum

    Anyhoo...I just got a chance to take it to the range today. First time.

    It worked very well. Every time I pulled the trigger, something came out the front end.

    Vertically the sights were right on the money, but it shot very consistently to the left. It didn't take long for me to adjust the rear sight to compensate and after that, the rounds hit reliably dead center.

    But, I had to adjust the rear peep sight pretty far to the right to get it to shoot straight...up to the next-to-the-last index mark. That was more than I expected.

    So my first post, and my first question:

    I noticed that there are two Allen bolts attaching the rear sights to the rail. Is there is enough play to make a more coarse adjustment if I loosen and re-tighten them? I know I could just try it and see, but I don't want to introduce too many variables by playing around when I can just ask all of you who are familiar with the gun.

    Or maybe I'm just cockeyed. :p
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    NE Utah
    I don't think the mount bolts will give you any adjustment.

    It's not really a big deal, but if you want to you can loosen the set screws on the front sight, rotate it slightly to the left, and tighten it down again.

  3. desertrider

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    I'm not suggesting this is the case with your carbine, but this is something you can check for pretty easily.

    Your Front Sight Base (FSB) could be canted. I had this issue with an AR once. The way I figured it out was by turning the rifle upside down and resting it (inverted) on its sights. With the rear sight squarely seated on the work bench, the ears of the FSB were canted to one side and I could easily fit a feeler gauge under one of the ears without contact.

    Since the HiPoint has a radiused FSB, find the TDC of the FSB sight hood and mark the forward facing edge, set the carbine inverted on a table, and with the rear sight squared up, see where the mark is in relation to the table. If it isn't right on the table, loosen the two set screws on bottom of FSB and rotate to correct.
  4. menhir

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    Sounds like a plan, Thanks!

    I assumed that the front sight was fixed in place and couldn't be canted.

    Those set screws looked like fixed rivets or pins, but looking closely now this time
    (with my reading glasses on and flashlight in hand :rolleyes: )
    I can see they take an allen wrench.

    Off to the work bench.

    This is a fun gun. I haven't done much with it since I bought it, only adding a flashlight and the rear stock mag holders. I decided to wait until I got some shootin' time in before I added anything else.
    I think a forward grip is now in the plans.
    Still undecided if I want a red dot.
    Time will tell.
  5. AS6

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    Now that is an excellent plan. Then mod to your hearts content!