Newest AK and cowboy gun

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  1. I got one of the RPK AES10B (MUCH better than the AES10 guns, big difference for collectors like me) from Classic Arms last week.

    Here is a picture of it:


    The little gun is a Cimarron Thunderer, 45LC with 3 1/2 inch barrel, birdshead grip, and case hardened finish.

    I love both AK style guns and cowboy guns. My dealer thinks I'm nuts.

    Oh yeah, and I got a real Chinese drum over the weekend. I saw it sitting in my other dealer's shelf on Saturday with the pricetag of 75 dollars. I about had a cow trying not to show excitement to the dealer before I could pay for it.

    Thats a 175-200 dollar drum these days.

    Closer pic of the revolver:
  2. "Cat with a gun!!!!! But that's OK cause cats don't know how to use guns....." Sorry, couldn't resist. :D

    I need to get a big drum mag for my AKM......bump fire FTW!! :)

    And that is a purty revolver.....

  3. Nice home defence :shock:
  4. Nahh, those aren't my home defense guns. Those are a few of my toys.

    I keep a Saiga 12 shotgun by my bed loading with buckshot for home defense as well as my Witness loaded up with hollowpoints (45acp).
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    I feel an lolcats caption coming on...
  6. LOL. This is a picture of the drum, this onemight be better for a lolcat caption:

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    Ahms Dealah Kihty is...fairly reasonable.

    Actually, I feel a theme for a new thread in the Pics forum coming on...
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    I HATE YOU :wink: just kidding, but that deal makes me just GREEN.
  9. That cowboy gun is right at the top of my list to get that or the Baretta version.
  10. Nice buys man.

    Might better watch out on that one mate.

  11. Honestly, I would rather have the Beretta version myself. Better case coloring, transfer bar safety, spring button to release the basepin (mine has a screw), etc however I got my Cimarron for $350 with both the 45ACP and the 45LC cylinders. The Beretta I was looking (same basic style, 3 1/2inch barrel, birdshead grip) was 469 at Sportsman's Warehouse.
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    The cat has replaced the dog in the world of none hunting shooters. :lol: